List of MTN and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda

MTN Airtel Simcard Prefix Codes - - 1
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In this post, we list Mtn and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda. MTN is the biggest mobile network operator in Uganda followed by Airtel. They provide internet bundles for surfing online, voice bundles for calling loved ones, offer mobile banking with MoKash and Airtel Money, etc. Airtel and MTN need no introduction due to their popularity in Uganda. You can not move around a kilometer without seeing a red sign or yellow sign with MTN or Airtel money, some signs have both. Those are usually agents selling their services. Stick around as we list MTN and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda.

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a) Firstly; 076 – latest mtn

MTN Uganda was granted the 076 prefixes to add to its existing family of number ranges that include 077, 078, 031, and 039.

The new number range was certified by the sector regulator, Uganda Communications Commission. And is available to prepaid customers.

This has not affected existing numbers and customers can continue enjoying MTN services.

Phone number recycling is the reintroduction of a deactivated/disconnected number into the pool of available numbers eligible for assignment to a new customer. 

This happens when the previous owner of the numbers has not used their line for any activity for more than six months and has not formally notified MTN of their intention and interest to keep that number.

To acquire a new number within the new 0760 range, customers are visiting the nearest MTN Shops or Duukas with their national ID and buy a new SIM card at the usual cost of Shs2000.

Transfer Airtime and Share Data - - Airtel MTN
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b) Airtel – 020, 070, 075, 074 ..

Under Section 4(g) of the Uganda Communications Act, Cap 106 Laws of Uganda, UCC is mandated to draw up, establish, amend and enforce a national numbering plan and perform block number allocations.

Numbering enables calls to be routed and charged as well as provide the means to identify customers and service providers in a multi-carrier environment.

UCC granted Airtel Uganda the additional blocks of numbers after they demonstrated that they have utilized 75% of the last allocated blocks in this case 070 and 075. Airtel was also required to submit Customer growth rates and forecast growth and evidence that numbers will be in service over the next 12 months.

c) MTN – 031, 039 , 078, 077, 076

MTN will cease issuing the 077 and 078 coded numbers after exhausting the allowable limit.

The mobile network operator has been operating the two codes for more than 20 years. Starting with 077, before introducing the 078, MTN will retire the codes that have been available for prepaid customers.

The telecom operates other codes including 031 and 039. MTN indicated Uganda Communications Commission already granted a request for a new code that is now available for new prepaid customers.

MTN has stopped selling the 077 and 078 ranges. This is a signal of the rapid expansion in the telecom’s subscriber numbers over the years.

d) Toll-free – 0800

Calling 0800 numbers from fixed and mobile phones is free by law. UIFN’s “00800” are generally free from fixed lines and charged for airtime from mobile phones. UIFN access is not enforced by law, causing certain phone providers not to honor the standard.

e) Uganda Country Code – +256

When calling a person or company located in Uganda / abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the local phone number. In this case, +256 is followed by the phone number.

That is it for the list of MTN and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda.