List Of Most Useful Google Apps

Most Useful Google Apps -
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Google is one of the most popular brands in the entire world. Their Google Website is ranked as the second most visited website in the world after YouTube (another Google-owned website).

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The brand has grown over the years and they have created very many products ranging from computers to software all the way to smartphones. In this list, however, we’re going to limit ourselves to the most useful Google apps you should find out. Please keep in mind there are very many Google apps all of which we can’t list here, however, these you will love them.

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1. Google Search

Most Useful Google Apps -
Google Search on PC

This app comes pre-installed on most android phones. It is the basic search engine for most people who use the internet. Google Search works directly with the website which allows one to search across hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide. Google has a solid whooping 4.3 billion visitors worldwide.

The app has evolved over the years with a number of features integrated into it. These features include Google news, Google Assistant, Google lens, and several others. This is the most useful Google service because it leads to all other services on the internet in the world.

If you don’t have access to it yet, you can download it here from the Play Store or the App Store.

2. YouTube

Most Useful Google Apps - - 1

The most visited website in the world definitely comes number 2 after its parent company Google. The YouTube app is one of the most useful google apps that was designed to intuitively make video watching the most enjoyable and leisure activity. With over 2.6 billion users, YouTube is clearly a very useful service for education, information, and entertainment altogether.

3. Google Photos

Most Useful Google Apps - - 2
Google photos

Amidst the rise of hundreds of other cloud services, Google Photos remains the most excellent service of its kind. The special fact about Google Photos is the fact that it recognizes your photos and groups them according to dates, places, faces and several other contributing factors. You will be surprised at how humanly accurate the app is at organizing your photos and keeps them for years and years.

4. Gmail


It’s probably blasphemy to place this powerful tool on this number, but either way here we are mentioning it. Since 2004, Gmail is the most popular email provider and it has never lost its standard since it’s integrated into Android. One reason this app has forever stood out is that Google has always tried to update it according to the most recent standards. This app really offers high security and ease of use.

5. Chrome


Forget about Microsoft inventing computers! Chrome literally is the most reliable browser both on smartphones and Computers. Thanks to the advanced technology Google possesses, Google chrome is trusted by millions of companies and individuals around the world. This has gone to the extent that other apps integrated it into themselves such that they provide seamless internet browsing. Talking about Microsoft, Microsoft Edge currently is based on Chromium standards which make it work exactly like Chrome.

6. Google Play Store

Google Play Store

If you are using Android, chances are you surely know this app. Google Play Store predominantly comes with every single android phone and is responsible for providing every app you download. This app is so useful such that without it, your phone will be accessed by malicious software creators and hackers. It’s also known as the android marketplace.

7. Google Contacts

Most Useful Google Apps - - 4
Google Contacts

While advanced smartphones will automatically save your contacts to your email account, it wouldn’t hurt to install Google contacts! This app is responsible for ensuring that all your contacts are properly synchronized into your Gmail account. When your contacts are synchronized, you can access them anywhere you successfully log in that particular account.

8. SnapSeed


I know what you’re thinking – why isn’t this one having the word Google in its name? Well, that doesn’t stop it from being a Google app! Snapseed is the one of the most professional photo editing app, available both on Android and iOS. It has tones of features to help you make your photos literally stand out. The Excellency of this app cannot be expressed; you need to use it for yourself. It’s not the tap to apply filter type of app; rather, it’s the contrast, saturation, blur, etc kind.

9. Google Maps

Most Useful Google Apps - - google maps - 6
Google maps recently changed their logo

As its name goes, Google maps will efficiently help you to Google (search for) maps! It’s very reliable while you’re going to a place you don’t know since it’s usually approximately up-to-date. Go ahead and use it!

10. Google Keep

Most Useful Google Apps - - google keep - 7
Google Keep

Have you ever wondered how to keep your passwords and small important notes? Google Keep is a notebook app designed by Google to work both online and offline. It has the option to pin to top, search and color your different notes. How much better can it get?

That’s our list of the 10 most useful Google apps. Please leave your opinions in the comments section.