List of 9mobile/Etisalat Call Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

9mobile Call Tariff Plans - - 1
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Today’s post has a list of all the cheapest 9mobile call tariff plans appropriate for cheap international calls, inexpensive local calls, free night calls on 9mobile, and more.

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Are you searching for the cheapest 9mobile call tariff plans and migration codes in Nigeria for 2022 and beyond? If you are frustrated with the high amount of credit deducted when you make a call on your 9mobile line, or you are dissatisfied with your current tariff plan, worry no more. This article will show you the various cheap and affordable 9mobile call tariff plans that you can choose from to make calls at the cheapest rate to other networks in Nigeria (MTN, Ntel, Visafone, Glo, and Airtel).

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It is important to note that prepaid plan rates might change at any time. Please ensure that your selected plan is precisely what it is before migrating.

Here’s a table that summarizes all 9mobile Nigeria tariff plans and migration codes.

9mobile MoreTalk25 kobo/sec*244*2#
9mobile MoreCliq15 kobo/sec*244*1#
9mobile MoreFlex BundleN/A*344*300#
9mobile MoreLife 4.015 kobo/sec*420*1#
9mobile MoreFlex Evolution40 kobo/sec*320#
9mobile TalkZone12 kobo/sec*244*8#
9mobile CliqLiteN/A*244*10#
9mobile MoreCliq Break Free40 kobo/sec*244*1#
9mobile Super BonusN/ANew SIM
9mobile MoreBusines 2.0N1000 / 70 minutes*246*4*24#


9mobile/Etisalat Call Tariff Plans And Migration Codes

1. 9mobile MoreTalk Tariff Plan

The Moretalk tariff plan from 9mobile is one of the best 9mobile call tariff plans. Why? It keeps friends and family connected all the time in Nigeria. Previously known as Etisalat EasyStarter, this package is now known as 9mobile MoreTalk.

Its special family and friends option (you & me) makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone you care about. Even if you run out of airtime, you can still make calls with 9mobile’s receiver pays service at affordable rates. Both payments and subscriptions are free on Moretalk.

If you consume up to ₦25 per day, the basic Moretalk tariff reduces by 50% from 40 k/sec to 25 k/sec to all networks.

9mobile MoreTalk Call Tariff Plan Benefits

By migrating to this call tariff plan, you have the opportunity to get the following benefits.

  • You enjoy the “You & me feature,” which allows you ₦300 free calls to five 9mobile numbers for a week when you recharge for ₦200, or ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
  • You enjoy free weekly browsing of 10MB when you recharge ₦100.
  • You can use the receiver pays service to make calls even when you don’t have airtime, and your receiver will cover the cost of the calls.

How to Migrate To 9mobile MoreTalk

  • To migrate from an existing line, dial *244*2# or call 200 and press 1 on a new 9mobile sim.

2. 9mobile MoreCliq Tariff Plan

The 9mobile MoreCliq or Cliq tariff plan was previously called Etisalat EasyCliq before it was changed to 9mobile MoreCliq.

Calls made using the MoreCliq tariff plan will cost 20k/sec to all 9mobile lines and 40k/sec to other networks. Additionally, you will receive free midnight calls from 12:30 am to 4:30 am, and when you spend up to ₦25 each day, your call rates are 15k/sec to other cliq users, 20k/sec to other 9mobile lines, and 30 k/sec to all other networks.

On top of that, with every ₦200 recharge, you are given 15MB of free data to use for internet browsing.

How to Migrate To 9mobile MoreCliq

  • Dial *244*1#

3. 9mobile MoreFlex Tariff Plan

You get more value with 9mobile MoreFlex when you make calls, browse Pay As You Go, and send SMS to all networks. Before being renamed to 9mobile MoreFlex, this plan was known as Etisalat EasyFlex.

Additionally, it is among the cheapest and easiest package plans you can activate whenever you reload your phone network. You will receive 50MB for free and ₦900 to call all Nigerian networks with data when you reload Naira 300. Additionally, there are other higher package plans that you can easily activate.

How to Migrate To 9mobile MoreFlex

Flex BundleBundle CostActivation CodeMoreFlex Value2 for 1 Promo ValueValidity
MoreFlex 300₦300*344*300#N900 talk time + 50MBN/A7 days
MoreFlex 500₦500*344*500#N1,800 talk time + 100MBN/A7 days
MoreFlex 1000₦1,000*344*1000#N3,750N/A14 days
MoreFlex 2000₦2,000*344*2000#N5,000N15,50030 days
MoreFlex 4000₦4,000*344*4000#N12,500N/A30 days
MoreFlex 5000₦5,000*344*5000#N12,500N37,50030 days
MoreFlex 10000₦10,000*344*10000#N32,500N/A30 days
MoreFlex 20000₦20,000*344*20000#N62,500N/A30 days

4. 9mobile MoreLife 4.0 Limited Edition Tariff Plan

With the voice-based prepaid plan MoreLife, you can call all Local networks and a few particular international destinations for incredibly low prices. This plan was once known as Etisalat EasyLife before being renamed 9mobile MoreLife.

With just a ₦5 daily access charge, you can make calls at a rate of 15k/sec to all Nigerian networks and a few international destinations.

When you recharge for ₦5,000 or more within a month, you can take advantage of free incoming calls when traveling in 10 countries on selected networks. The free incoming call benefits is valid for 30 days.

How to Migrate To 9mobile MoreLife

  • Dial *420*1# to migrate to 9mobile More Life tariff plan.

5. 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution Tariff Plan

Customers on the 9mobile network can get extra value from a unique Voice and Data bundle deal called 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution. There are two variations of the package: Data + for heavy data users and Voice+ for individuals who like to call.

For just ₦2,000, you can receive 1GB of data and ₦1,500 worth of airtime to call all networks if you frequently call and surf the internet. Perhaps the MoreFlex Voice Plus, which offers you 250MB for ₦2,000 and airtime for ₦5,500, is your best option if you call often.

Price rates for the 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution range from 500 to 10,000. When you switch to the More Flex Evolution tariff plan, you get national SMS for ₦4, MMS for ₦100, and pay-as-you-go data for ₦3 per kilobyte. On-net calls cost 40k/sec, off-net calls cost 40k/sec.

This table provides a complete breakdown of the Voice Units and Data allotted for each plan.

Bundle typeBundle costVoice+ valueData+ valueValidity
moreflex evolution 500₦500₦1,500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 75MB
₦500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 300MB
7 days
moreflex evolution 1000₦1000₦3,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 150MB
₦1000 talk time + 750MB14 days
moreflex evolution 2000₦2,000₦7,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 500MB
₦3,000 talk time + 2GB30 days
moreflex evolution 5000₦5,000₦15,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 1GB
₦5,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 3GB
30 days
moreflex evolution 10000₦10,000₦30,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 2GB
₦10,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 7GB
30 days

How to Migrate to 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution

  • To opt in: dial *320#
  • To opt out of a bundle: dial *300*0#
  • To check your balance: dial *232#

6. 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

You get fantastic call rates with this great discount deal based on your location when you call. Earlier, this plan was known as Etisalat TalkZone; it is now known as 9mobile TalkZone.

Additionally, you can call 9mobile lines for as little as 12k/sec and receive a staggering 80% savings. 

How to Migrate To 9mobile TalkZone

  • Dial *244*8#

7. 9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan

The “CLIQLITE” mobile prepaid call tariff plan from 9Mobile Nigeria offers zero-rate access to entertaining and other leisure and educational apps. Children aged 8 to 15 are the intended target for the service. Even though 9mobile Cliqlite is intended to help learning and development for children and teens, anybody can enjoy it.

How to migrate to 9mobile CliqLite

  • Dial *244*10# to migrate.

8. 9mobile MoreCliq Break Free Plan

The latest 9mobile promotion, Morecliq Break Free, is available to MoreCliq members exclusively. There are three incredible alternatives to pick from in this bonus, which was released in March 2017. According to what I’ve learned about 9mobile, the MoreCliq break free allows you to select your bonus. You can pick between getting:

  1. 350% bonus for on-net calls,
  2. 250% bonus to all networks or
  3. 100% bonus on data plans from 50MB to 500MB. (I’m not going to touch this)

These are the various rewards you receive as part of the “MoreCliq break free bonus”.

9mobile MoreCliq Break Free Tariff Rates
Default TariffBonus Tariff
default package25k/sec
250% bonus40k/sec50k/sec
350% bonus50k/sec50k/sec
100% bonus on data plans25k/sec25k/sec

How to migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq Break Free

First of all, you have to be sure you’re on the MoreCliq Tariff Plan and if you are not yet on this plan,

  • You can migrate by dialling *244*1#
  • Then dial *545# to choose from the packages.

9. 9mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Tariff Plan

9mobile offers some amazing phone rates and data packages. They just released another terrific bundle for SME businesses in Nigeria, demonstrating that they won’t stop. Small and medium enterprises are the target market for the Morebusiness package. And it was developed so that you and your staff can take advantage of flexible and reasonably priced voice and data packages.

9mobile Call Tariff Plans -

How to migrate to 9mobile Morebusiness

PackagePriceMinutesDataOpt in code
Business 1000₦100070750MB*246*4*24#
Business 2000₦20001501.5GB*246*4*21#
Business 2000 (voice)₦2000300N/A*246*4*26#
Business 5000₦50003005.0GB*246*4*22#
Business 10000₦10000.65010GB*246*4*23#
Staff 1000 (data)₦100070750MB*246*4*business number*22#
Staff 1000 (voice)₦1000150*246*4*business number*21#
Staff CUG XS₦100055 (national)
500 (CUG)
N/A*246*4*executive MSISDN*23#


These are the most affordable 9mobile prepaid call tariff plans we could find for this network. The list of 9mobile Nigeria pricing options that was just discussed should help you make the best decision.