Complete Guide on Liquid Telecom Uganda internet bundles

Liquid Telecom Uganda Internet bundles
PC: Liquid Telecom
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Liquid Telecom is one of the leading internet service providers in Uganda. Its supply of fiber optics, satellite, and international carrier services to more than 13 African states has made it a reliable source of connectivity solutions. Liquid Telecom Uganda offers unlimited internet packages, as you will see below.

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The telecom company empowers homes and businesses with a full range of unlimited internet, e-mail, and IT-related services. However, the term telecom does not mean it is mobile-carrier supported just like MTN, Africell, or Airtel.  You don’t need a Simcard to access liquid telecom company’s services.


Liquid Telecom Uganda Installation

All you will require is an installation set up that is so similar to that of a DSTV decoder. The installation process involves mounting an antenna or small dish that connects to one of their masts. The internet service provider uses Microwave radio communication to bring the internet to your home/business. To achieve that, you will be given a Wifi router free upon installation as an additional ware to help you connect your device to the internet. Get ready to save a standard fee of UGX 120,000 aside to cater to this process.

Liquid telecom Uganda internet bundles -

After SetUp, the next thing is data connectivity. Liquid Telecom Uganda prices are segmented based on the internet package. These categories include;

  • Bronze
  • Silver ( Ugx 169,000 per month)
  • Gold ( Ugx 269,000 per month)
  • Platinum ( 469,000 per month)

All these package rates are monthly and unlimited internet use from Liquid telecom after purchase. They run at different internet speeds to facilitate your unlimited internet access as shown in the table below.

Liquid Telecom Uganda internet bundles, prices, and internet speeds

UGX 169,000 per monthUGX 269,000 per month  UGX 469,000 per month  
Up to 20 Mbps downloadUp to 40 Mbps download  Up to 100 Mbps download  
Up to 20 Mbps uploadUp to 40 Mbps upload  Up to 100 Mbps upload  
Unlimited usageUnlimited usage  Unlimited usage  
Installation fee: 120,000Installation fee: 120,000  Installation fee: 120,000  
Free Wi-Fi router which provides Wi-Fi in your homeFree Wi-Fi router which provides Wi-Fi in your home  Free Wi-Fi router which provides Wi-Fi in your home  
Complete guide on Liquid Telecom unlimited internet bundles

The most used data bundle of all is the Silver package because of its average internet speed and low costs. I personally want to go platinum but if you have tried it, kindly let us know about that Unlimited 100Mbps feeling.

How to pay for Liquid Telecom Uganda Internet packages

You can pay for Liquid telecom Uganda internet packages via Mobile money. Both MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money support this. Here’s how.

Pay for Liquid Telecom Uganda internet using MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *290*1#
  • Select option 4 (Buy airtime & Data)
  • Select option 1 (Liquid Telecom)
  • Choose your preferred option (1 for the Two hours bundle or 2 for the unlimited bundles)
  • Enter your customer reference number (for option 2)
  • Proceed to confirm payment

Pay for Liquid Telecom Uganda internet using Airtel Money

Note: You will be charged UGX 250 to use this service

  • Dial *272#
  • Select option 5 (Buy Airtime & Data)
  • Select option 1 (Liquid Telecom)
  • Choose your preferred option (1 for the Two hours bundle or 2 for the unlimited bundles)
  • Enter your customer reference number (for option 2)
  • Proceed to confirm payment

Liquid Telecom Coverage in Uganda (User review)

Liquid telecom covers most of the urban areas of Uganda. The company’s dominance in the internet service market has boosted its sales in most universities/hostels like Makerere University, and workplaces around the country. However, there is no clear outline indicating coverage areas on their platforms.

Some users have come out to declare that the telecom is still the internet leading provider in terms of coverage and average speeds. These consumer reviews paint a graph of how the company has managed to beat the “No SImCard” internet provider in the market like Zuku and Roke Telcom. The game is on and we anticipate stiff competition in the time to come.

Liquid Telecom Uganda coverage
Liquid Telecom Uganda Coverage: User review

Liquid Telecom Uganda contact information

You may need to reach their customer service to have first-hand information and help. Their offices are located at BMK House, Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road, Kampala, Ug, or call them on +256202401100 for more inquiries.


The unlimited internet bundles offered by Liquid telecom Uganda, mashed with the average internet speed should be enough to have you and your team surfing the internet. The charges come handy and are fairly priced based on the competitor pricing options. If your team tries out liquid telecom Uganda internet bundles and let us know what you think.