How to Link your Business on eCitizen Portal

How to Link your Business on eCitizen
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The Companies Registry set up digital Business Registration Services (BRS) in the year 2016. This service which is hosted on the E-citizen portal was launched with the sole purpose of going digital in terms of registering and managing businesses in Kenya. This made business name and company registrations much easier because one does not have to visit Sharia House in person to receive the services. Thus, companies and business names registered using the BRS system do not need to be linked as they are done so automatically during the process of registration.

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However, businesses and companies registered before 2016, under the manual system, must be linked to the E-citizen portal to ensure their details are captured by the Business Registration Service. The link option requires clients to give details of their business entities which in turn are verified against the data held by the registrar.

Requirements to Link a Business on eCitizen Portal

  1. Designation of the company officials (i.e. proprietor, director/director shareholder/shareholder/ company secretary).
  2. Copy of the Business Registration Certificate you are linking.
  3. Telephone numbers of the directors and the company.
  4. Email addresses of the directors and the company.
  5. Postal address of the company and the company officials.
  6. Identification Numbers.
  7. Company building/Plot L.R. No.
  8. County, district, locality, and street where the company is located.

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How to Link a Business on eCitizen Portal

How to Link your Business on Ecitizen

1. Access the eCiticen Portal on your preferred browser.

2. Using your ID Number as the username and password, in case you don’t have an account, you should click on “Create Account” to enable you to access the service.

3. Upon successful login, Navigate to the Business Registration Services (BRS) option and click on it.

4. At the top right-hand side, locate the option Link a Business. 

5. On the find a business search bar provided, enter the name of the business you want to link

6. Once entered click search

7. The name with the Business Number will appear with the status not verified at the end.

8. Select the business that matches yours and click on Next to continue

9. Edit Details need to edit any of the given details. These are the Business Name, Registration Number, Registration Type, and Registration Date. Compare these details with the ones provided on the certificate otherwise, skip to the next step. Click on Save and continue, Click on save and continue.

10. On the Nature of Business Page enter the name of the business, Registration number, type of business, and Date of Registration, Click on save and continue.

11. On the Registered Office Addresses page capture the Primary Address of the business. This should be the information regarding where the business is located, input the county, district, locality, the name of the building, street, floor, room number, postal address, mobile number, and email of the said company or business name, Click on save and continue.

12. On the Ownership Information page, Edit the ownership information using the provided button. Select the designation, and citizenship, enter the ID number, and first name, and then click on the verify button.

13. Complete the rest of the form. If there are other proprietors follow the same procedure to add them. After adding the owner details, click on the save and continue buttons.

14. Click on submit and review.

15. After approval, the status on the BRS page under my businesses area will read “active”.