Latest bugs in Windows 10 and the tools they affect

Latest Bugs in Windows 10 - - 1
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Here are the latest Windows 10 bugs and the tools they may affect on your computer. Microsoft released the latest updates that intended to fix a number of critical issues as earlier reported, but it has turned out like there is another bug they will need to fix before most of our computers crashed. However, the latest bugs in Windows 10 seem to be affecting those who installed the latest updates that Microsoft released by December 2020.

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Chkdsk tool

Chkdsk also know as the check disk tool is the tool the latest bugs in Windows 10 are affecting. It was noted by Microsoft that some users’ computers have crashed leaving a blue screen of death as a result of them having run this command.

What does the Chkdsk command do?

The Chkdsk command or tool checks the disk space and disk use and also reports the status of each file system which includes errors in the file system.

This command can also correct logical disk errors if at all you specify the /f parameter, in this case, the command will lock the disk and attempt to correct the errors.

Chkdsk d: /f >> Checks and fixes errors in drive D

Chkdsk *.* >> Checks for errors on a FAT disk in current directory

This issue is a concern since Chkdsk is an important tool as far as managing the computer’s disk as we have already seen above. This means that, until Microsoft releases a fix for this bug, users with the latest Windows updates will not be able to check and fix errors in their disks which may result in more severe circumstances such as data loss, and other bugs that manipulate data.

For now, there is no single fix for this bug and so, users running the latest fixes of December 2020 should only avoid running this command.

Latest windows 10 bugs - - 2
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Other latest bugs in windows 10

TRIM issue

The TRIM command is responsible for enabling the operating system to inform the SSSD drive about a inactive blocks of data that need to be wiped out. It can only work with SSD drives only. However, there’s still another bug that blocks the process when you attempt to run the TRIM command, instead it will generate errors in the event viewer on unsupported hard drives.

Broken Alt-Tab app switcher

There is also an incident where the multitasking feature (Alt-tab) which helps you switch between tabs instead opens a wrong window. For example, you may be having four open Windows which are; a browser, an open directory, Notepad and a text file in that order. When you try switching to Notepad, Alt-tab will instead open a text file.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 20H2 in several user environments has a bug in the Alt-tab switcher and they have not provided a fix for this as yet. Note that, that attempt to disable the new Alt tab experience will still not work.

Unresponsive settings app

Still with Windows 10 version 20H2, there is a bug that causes the Windows Update page to check forever without finishing. When the problem persists, Windows will prompt you to restart your computer for the installation to finish. However, the challenging issue here is that when the system reboots, Windows will still ask you to restart.

It is however said that, you will need to launch the new browser after applying updates. If you experience any frozen tab again, launching Microsoft edge with or without administrative privilege will fix this bug.


Bugs in computers are a persistent issue. It’s all about fixing and continuing. There has not been any software completely free from bugs, but successful software is that which handles and fixes upcoming bugs in time. Those have been the latest bugs in Windows 10 and the tools they affect. In case of any updates for the fixes, I’ll update this article to include the latest fixes for these persistent bugs.