How to Subscribe to Jumia Prime Delivery service in Uganda

Jumia Prime Delivery Subscription service now in Uganda
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Later last year, Jumia food introduced Jumia Prime in Uganda. This subscription service was first unveiled in Nigeria, and finally, Uganda got a taste of it.

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There were not many who knew about this service, but Jumia food tested it in on the Market. Finally, the unveiling of the Jumia prime service is here, and this time around, you have it on the official Jumia application (not just Jumia Food). In such a lockdown situation, this is a service you might want to check out since you may be prompted to make many orders in this season.


What is Jumia Prime?

Jumia Prime is a subscription service for FREE delivery in a selected period of time (that the customer chooses to subscribe to) on Jumia Uganda.

As defined by Jumia, it is a customer loyalty programme that entitles users to subscribe and receive unlimited free delivery on all Jumia orders. Subscribers also get access to exclusive promotions, rewards and partner benefits.

There are different subscription plans which are offered to access this service as you shall see below.

When you subscribe, you are given unlimited FREE delivery on all your food orders and FREE shipping benefits.

The Subscription plans

Currently, Jumia prime is in select cities around Uganda, that is Kampala and Entebbe.

For both these locations, you are given different subscription plans. These include: the Weekly, Three months, Six months and 1-year subscription plans.

If you are a Kampala resident, here are the current Jumia prime subscription plans

  • One week subscription – UGX 9,999
  • 3-month subscription – UGX 74,999
  • 6-month subscription – UGX 134,999
  • One year subscription – UGX 224,999

For the Entebbe residents, here are the current Jumia prime subscription plans for you

  • One week subcription – UGX 10,999
  • 3-month subscription – UGX 81,999
  • 6-month subscription – UGX 147,499
  • One year subscription – UGX 224,999
Jumia Prime Uganda Subscription Plan DurationPrice (UGX)
KampalaOne week9,999
3 months74,999
6 months134,999
One year (12 months)224,999
EntebbeOne week10,999
3 months81,999
6 months147,499
One year (12 months) 224,999

When you subscribe to any of these plans, Jumia Uganda gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts. You can find them here.

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How to Subscribe to Jumia Prime in Uganda

You can now subscribe to Jumia prime in Uganda on both the Jumia website and the Jumia application (Android & iOS)

1. On the Jumia Website

  • Visit the official Jumia Uganda website
  • Ensure that your logged into your account. Just in case you are not logged in yet, you can signup and get an account
The Official Jumia uganda website
  • After your logged in, Search for Jumia Prime in the top search bar. You will be listed with all the available Subscription plans currently. As you can see below, here are all the subscription plans available, for both Kampala and Entebbe
List of Jumia Prime subscription plans
  • Click on your preferred Jumia Prime Subscription plan. For the sake of this blog, I chose the Jumia Prime Weekly subscription for Kampala. You can choose your preferred plan.
Enjoy FREE delivery service in Kampala with Jumia
  • To purchase the subscription plan, you go ahead to click ADD TO CART. The experience is more like buying a product as you can see. However, things get interesting ahead.
  • When you Proceed to Check out, you will be listed with your Address Details and number. The product is delivered digitally. So you can go ahead and proceed to the next step.
How to pay for Jumia Prime Uganda
  • On the next interface, you will be notified that the product is only by Digital delivery. In simple terms, your account will be activated with this service and you will enjoy the benefits as you will see below.
  • The available option for Digital Payment method is MTN Mobile Money. Airtel Money, weyayu? As you can see, there is no option for Cash on delivery, this is purely a digital subscription service.
  • There is an option for ADDING A VOUCHER. This is issued to you from a 3rd party Jumia retailer, unique to each prime subscriber. I’m yet to find out how to get one.
Pay for Jumia Prime Uganda with MTN Mobile Money

2. On the Jumia Mobile app

  • Open your Jumia app
  • Head to the top Search on Jumia bar
  • Go ahead to search for Jumia Prime
  • You will be listed with all the available Jumia Prime Subscriptions services as you can see below
  • Click on SEE ALL RESULTS and all the subscription plans will be listed out. So you can go ahead to scroll and choose your preferred subscription offer.
  • Select the subscription plan of your choice
  • Then, click on ADD TO CART.
  • Just like a normal product, proceed to COMPLETE YOUR ORDER.
  • Being that it is a digital product, obviously, no-one is coming to your home to pick the cash. Ensure to have money on your mobile wallet, that is MTN Mobile Money.
  • When you CONFIRM the payment, you will be prompted by your mobile money provider to input your password so as to complete the payment.
  • The other payment option, as stated above, is the voucher. This is issued to you by a 3rd party Jumia retailer and is unique for each prime subscriber.

Through all these 2 procedures (On the Website and the Mobile app), ensure to have your address well put. This helps in verifying that you have registered within the vicinity where the subscription plans are available.

Benefits of Subscribing to the Jumia Prime Delivery service

When you subscribe to the Jumia Prime service, you enjoy certain packages ascribed to you and not other normal Jumia users. These include:

  • Special discounts, rewards, and savings
  • Free Delivery on all Jumia Express items and Jumia Food Orders
  • Exclusive Prime-only discounts on favorite categories
  • Preferential Customer Service

If that sounds like the kind of prime you enjoy, then maybe you gotta go subscribe.


This new subscription service is one to look out for, great work Jumia. Incase you want to use this service, I encourage you to read the terms and conditions of use before jumping onto it.

My recommendation to Jumia Uganda would be expanding the service to other districts near Kampala, surely some chaps out in Mukono might want to enjoy some of these Jumia Prime benefits.

But before I leave, how come Jumia only has MTN as a digital payment option? The thought of it is very disturbing, in this e-cash economy. But anyway, that is a blog for another day.