Is a Safeboda really that safe to use?

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This post discusses whether a Safeboda is really that safe to use.

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Safebodas have become the most commonly used Boda Bodas amongst Ugandans. You might say that since people are using them, they surely must be safe. Why else would people still be using them if they were not safe? But are they really?


What is a Safeboda?

SafeBoda is a company that offers a motorcycle taxi service in Uganda via the mobile app. You download the Safeboda app either on your Android device or iPhone and order a Safeboda. A Safeboda rider then comes to pick you up.

At the end of the journey, the Safeboda app calculates the total amount for that journey which you pay either in cash or cashless.

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Credit: SafeBoda

How safe are Safebodas?

What do we mean by this? Safebodas offer transport services. By safe, we mean, to what extent are these Safebodas actually executing the transportation service without any harm or accident occurring?

I have witnessed enough accidents involving regular Boda Bodas. These regular boda bodas have no time. They pass everywhere, where pedestrians walk, they fix themselves in tight spots to pass, they do not wait for traffic lights to go green to resume their journeys, they use one way in the opposite direction, some lack helmets, and the ones that do have helmets only have one for themselves, etc. Regular Boda Bodas are not safe to use!

Is this story the same for Safebodas? Not quite. Why is this so? Unlike regular Boda Bodas, you do not just wake up in the morning and become a Safeboda driver. There are steps involved. These steps necessitate the safety of both the Safeboda driver and rider.

All SafeBoda drivers are given broad training to make them the safest and most professional drivers on the streets. They are trained in road safety, first aid, bike maintenance, and customer care.

Safebodas are Equipped with hairnets and a spare helmet for you. They are also identifiable and trackable through Safebodas’ system. At the end of the journey, you get to rate your driver and provide feedback about the journey.


Safebodas are safe to use as compared to regular Boda Bodas. At the sight of a red traffic light, a Safeboda driver stopped, I was the rider seated behind him. Regular Bodas continued riding on. I have also seen the same situation happen several times. You could try noticing it too.

Let us know in the comments what your opinion is on how safe safebodas are.