iPhone 14 will be launched on 7th September: Here is What to expect

iPhone 14 coming soon
Image Credit: Google
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June 2022 may not mean much to an ordinary person but to an Apple user, every day is a day closer to WWDC 2022. This is an event where we expect to learn the features of the next-generation operating systems (iOS 16) for apple devices alongside new hardware tease, particularly the MacBook Air 2022. As with each year, this event always builds hype for the biggest launch on the company’s calendar later in the year with this year’s being the iPhone 14. The phone is rumored to be launched in September but nothing has yet been confirmed.

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In this article, we’ve tried to piecemeal various leaks and rumors and summarised the new features to expect on the iPhone 14 (as they have come in during the course) to give a clear picture of what form the phone may take. Of course not everything stated here is cast in stone, so keep on the lookout for more news in addition to the features listed below;


iPhone 14 Design

From iPhone render thus far, one standout feature has been the replacement of the notch with a set of cutouts (in a hole and pill design). Another standout feature will be the camera bump – this implies lenses will be sitting flat on their backs making for thicker than usual phones. Speaking of thickness, the 5.4-in mini is to be discontinued and replaced with the max to make for two medium and two large sizes of the range. There will also be a fractional increase in screen size particularly the diagonal measurement – in comparison to the predecessors.


While the iPhone 13 had up to 1TB storage for the Pro or Pro Max models, the 14 is rumored to go one further as far as 2TB storage. This is rumored along with Quad-level Cell (QLC) – a new type of flash storage that improves phone capacity and performance.


As with any new device, any user would be interested in this particular feature and as expected, Apple has not disappointed one bit. There are rumors of a larger battery and thicker phones for the new model which should bode well with customer wants. This will be thanked for the 5G technology whose components are energy efficient and smaller – allowing for fitting a larger battery.


As far as this goes, a new chipset could be in for the iPhone 14 Pro models and that is the A16 Bionic made on a 4nm process (or better still 3nm) which is an upgrade to the iPhone 13 range as it will help improve efficiency, performance and battery life.

Additionally, the Pro and Pro Max versions will come with 8GB of RAM over earlier versions that had maxed out at 6GB. We shall also see ProMotion screens with the iPhone 14 and an always-on display to keep your screen lit at all times.


The new phone could come with an upgrade on the selfie camera in the name of autofocus and wider aperture, something for selfie lovers to smile about. The 14 Pro and Pro Max versions are also said to come with a 48MP main camera capable of producing 8K video quality. You’ll thus be able to capture detailed content in both low and bright light.

The other rumored features to look out for include; the return of the Touch ID, death of the lightning port to USB-C, a new MagSafe adapter, and high bandwidth Wi-Fi 6E.