How to Insert Sim Card In Tecno Spark k7

tecno spark k7 insert simcard
Image Credit: naijaandroidarena
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Have you been wondering how you can easily insert sim card in tecno spark k7? This is a detailed simple guide that’ll walk you through all the processes.

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So unlike the tecno spark 2 that doesn’t have a removable cover at its back, the tecno spark k7 has got one. To insert a sim card in any of the tecno spark k, follow some of the instructions in the next section below.

Tecno Spark k7 is one of those fancy smartphones that was originally made for the youth and people who like very nice looking smartphones but at competitive prices.

The challenge with tecno Sparks is a new build make, it’s sometimes difficult to locate some hardware components the way we have been used with othersmartphones.

For example most people suffer in just finding the memory SD card slots or even sim card slots, as such this article is going to help you on that issue. We shall see how to insert simcard and SD cards in tecno Spark k7.

Insert Simcard in tecno spark k7

To easily insert simcard in your tecno spark k7, you’ll need to follow these instructions as indicated below.

When you check at the back of a new tecno spark k7, there is a transparent sticker at its back with an illustration on how to insert the SD card and the SIM cards. However if you can’t find this transparent sticker, The back lid of the Tecno Spark is removable even though the 3000mAh battery is not. You need to remove the back lid to insert SIM cards and SD card.

Upon removing the back lid cover, you’ll see all slots for inserting SIM cards and SD card just as shown in the image above.

Note: As earlier said, you may not be in position to remove the tecno spark k7s non removable battery.