Top 10 Best Incubation Hubs And Co-Working Spaces In Uganda

Incubation hubs uganda
Credit: Hive Colab

Uganda as a country has had ingenious and highly talented youngsters and individuals, freelancers who enjoy and prefer executing their tasks in co-working spaces (Working alone can be boring.) Without any formal places of work, many of these freelancers seek to enjoy a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at a co-working space, where they may probably interact with and meet other freelance creatives in other fields (or theirs) and at the end of the day build their careers in diverse ways.

More to this, certain organizations and employers usually seek to work with freelancer creatives, who they find at many of these incubation hubs, some who have start-ups have gotten funding from large organizations.

People with start-ups, innovations at baby stages, creative ideas to bring to life, are the kind you will find in these incubation hubs all with an aim to gain a foundation and build momentum to bolt away successfully in various skills and specialties.

The largest numbers of people you will find in these innovation incubation hubs include; Information Technology enthusiasts (programmers, computer engineers, developers and all kinds of techies), Graphics Designers, Animators, Video and film specialists, Painting/drawing artists, Social media specialists, Photographers to mention but a few; all working together in this digitalized but yet versatile economy.

These incubation hubs have seen the creation of spaces where creative ideas have been harbored and helped grow, examples of these include The Kampala Innovation Week, an event hosted by the Innovation Village every year to see together startups, investors, innovation hubs, government agencies among other stakeholders in the ICT sector discuss the innovation ecosystem.

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These spaces also set up a series of hackathons, implement boot camps for individuals and entrepreneurs with limited or no experience and also hold technology events and creative talks from where ingenious freelancers build their know-how and connections.

Uganda has about 20 incubation hubs, many located in the capital city Kampala, and others in far and nearby districts. Below are the best 10 incubation hubs and co-working spaces where you might want to start a freelancing career or even source a team of creatives to help you on a project.

1.Hive Colab

Hive Colab was the first co-working space and incubation hub in Uganda. It was founded in 2010 by African technologist Jon Gosier, Marieme Jamme, Daniel Stern, Teddy Ruge and supported by Barbara Birungi.

Being one of Africa’s first and notable incubation hubs, it boasts of its affordable and collaborative workspace targeted to the tech and entrepreneur community of Uganda.

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Their space area is large and cozy, with the perfect atmosphere where you can have a relaxing and comfortable feel all-through.

[Photos from Hive Collabs Facebook page]

Since its opening, Hive Colab has shown significant support and upbringing of very many start-ups which include; We Farm a project that raised up to about $1M. Many other start-ups that have gained momentum from Hive Colab and made drastic changes in the tech spheres of Uganda include; Sula Pay –a mobile money transactions platform, Dignited – a top technology website, Yoza app – a laundry and dry cleaning services app, Air Save, Access Mobile among others.

The prices of the space at hive colab are as below. (These include internet, subsidized cafe snacks and meals, 24hour access and a locker)

Individual Group (3-4 people)
Monthly prices (UGX) 150000 400000

This also comes with pieces of training, one on one office hours with consultants, technical advise, connection to markets and investors.

Hive Colab is located at Kanjokya House, 4th floor, Plot 90 Kanjokya street, Kamwokya Kampala.

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2.Makerere Innovation & Incubation Centre

This is an incubation space for young techprenuers and freelancers with potential projects in different fields.

These different fields include; FinTech, Software & Services, Agriculture & Farming, Health, Gov’t Tec, Ad Tech, Energy, Education, Data & Security, E-commerce, Food & Beverages, Social, Supply Chain & Logistics, Media, Gaming among others.

The strategy followed at Makerere Innovation & Incubation Centre is as follows;

“MIIC identifies potential entrepreneurs with the best innovative ideas that use existing or new technology in a range of market sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and tourism. We nurture and facilitate them from ideas to sustainable companies.”

[Photo from MIIC’s Facebook page]

The services offered after you obtain a space at this center include;

Consultation, Skills Training, Business Coaching and Project Recruitment

Below are the prices to get yourself space at this innovation & IncubationCentre.

PACKAGE Incubation package Freelancing package
WEEKLY COST UGX 10,000 – 7000 UGX 15000
Doesn’t include Project recruitment Doesn’t include Skills training

The Makerere Innovation & Incubation Centre is located at Makerere University College of Computing and Informatics technology, Block B Level 5.

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3.Venture Labs EastAfrica

This unique workspace brings together global and local networks of innovators and creators to fashion ideas that are relevant for the problems available in the current economy.

The hub was established by CleanStar Ventures in 2014, a company that boasts of having the international know-how on not only in regions of Africa, but also experience in India and Brazil.

These solutions cut across rural and urban areas, and indeed this is a place for any creative to be.

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[Photo from Venture Labs EastAfrica’s Facebook Page]

The prices of the different packages offered for this co-working space are as follows.

PACKAGE (These come with different offers, incentives and time specifications) Enclosed Office Premium co-working Virtual office Co-working space
PRICES ($) 300 – 1500 150 50 6 – 120

Venture labs East Africa is located at Plot 7, Binayomba Road Bugolobi, Kampala – Uganda.

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4.Design Hub Kampala

Beyond being a co-working space, Design Hub is also known for hosting events most especially Creative Talks and Art Exhibitions.

[Photo from Design Hub Kampala’s facebook page]

Design Hub works with start-ups, expanding and established businesses. This is how their pricing is distributed. Here is the list of the packages they offer.

PACKAGE Start-up Expanding Established
Prices (UGX) 215000

  • Desk in the co-working area
  • 10 days a month
  • Google fiber internet Logo at the entrance

  • Desk in the co-working area
  • 16 days a month
  • Google fiber internet Logo at the entrance

  • Desk in the dedicated area
  • Unlimited access
  • Google fiber internet Logo at the entrance

Design Hub is located next to Bata Factory outlet on 5th STREET, PLOT 3 BATA CLOSE, PO BOX 7381 KAMPALA.

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5.The Innovation Village

Started in 2015, Innovation village boasts of converging of over 2000 entrepreneurs to reimagine their possibilities by coming together, learning together and growing together.

[Photo from Innovation Village’s Facebook page]

You might want to be a part of these entrepreneurs, so Innovation village made it easy for any creative by breaking down the creatives into sector Labs. They have the Climate Lab, Health Lab, Agri-business Lab, The Fintech Lab, The Media and EdTech LAB, so feel free to visit their website for more information.

Innovation village is located at Ntinda Complex, Block B, 3rd Floor, Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

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6.OutBox Hub

It is located on Lumumba avenue, Kampala.

[Photo from OuBox Hub’s Facebook page]

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7.The Space Hub

It is a work place, community and development services for entrepreneurs.

The prices of the different spaces are crafted for different classes of people.

They are listed as below.

PACKAGES Private space Dedicated desk Hot desk Pay as you go
Monthly prices ($) 500

  • Enclosed Workspace
  • It accommodates teams of Up to 10.
  • Move-In Ready, With Desks, Chairs, And Storage Cabinets.

  • A Personal Desk at One Location.
  • You Are Guaranteed to Always Have
  • This Desk Available to You Anytime Any Day.

  • Guaranteed Workspace in a Common Area at Any of Our Locations.
  • Just Bring Your Laptop, pick an Open Seat, And Get to Work.

  • This Is Designed for The Nomadic Worker Who Is Not Looking to Commit for A Month but Rather Short Stay Usage.
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It is located at Plot 4 Kanjokya Street, Kamokya.

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8.The Mawazo Innovation Hub

The Mawazo Innovation Hub is a division of the NFT Consult.

“It was established to support emerging Next Generation ICT businesses through accelerated technology commercialization. The Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high-tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work towards growing the Ugandan economy through innovation.”, this is what Mawazo innovation Hub is about, as reported on their website.

NFT Mawazo celebrates successes through its creative developers who emerged the best in the Data Hack for finance season 2, and many other startups. (Read more here)

The Mawazo Innovation hub is located at NFT Mawazo Centre, Mulago View Hostel Rd, Kampala.

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9. WITU Hub

Women in Technology Uganda (WITU) is a co-working space targeted at creating a platform for women with innovative ideas. It is for Uganda female leaders, business women and technologists, all who are offered with the right training, mentorship and interactive collaborations sessions to work together and bring life to ideas.

There vision is; “A Zero Technological Gender Gap to Improve Women’s Lives”, and indeed this has been achieved through triumphs on a project such as Inspire where winners are given start-up

The projects at WITU hub are broken down as follows, career and leadership, code girls, events, external training, internship program, tech kids among others which are conducted in calculated ways to help different age groups of ladies.

[Photos from WITU Hub’s Facebook page]

WITU hub is located on 18 Kanjokya St, Kampala.

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10. Tribe Kampala

An open and spacious environment for individuals and teams to work flexibly and most of all affordable.

[Photos from the Tribe Kampala’s Facebook page]

Below are the pricings and services offered along each package.

DAILY PACKAGES Half day Full day Weekly
  • 6 Hours Access
  • 1 Hour Free Meeting Room usage
  • 12 Hours Access
  • 2 Hours Free Meeting Room usage
  • 5 Days Full Access
  • Free Meeting Room usage as needed
UGX: 20000 UGX: 30000 UGX: 125000
MONTHLY PACKAGES 35 Hours 70 Hours 150 Hours Unlimited
  • 35 hours a month
  • Access to Events
  • 70 hours a month
  • Listing on Community
  • Access to Events
  • 150 hours a month
  • 2hrs Skype Room Credit
  • Mailing Address
  • Listing on Community
  • Unlimited Hours
  • 10hrs Skype Room Credit
  • 2hrs Guest Access Tokens
  • Mailing Address
  • Private Storage Locker
$50 $100 $200 $300

The Tribe Kampala hub is located in 8 Bukoto St, Kampala.

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Other Tech Hubs located in Uganda include.

  1. Techbuzz Hub
  2. WorkPlace
  3. KQ Hub Space
  4. The Tech Hub
  5. InfoClub innovation hub