5 apps to get free in-app purchases on Android

in-app purchase hack
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Have you ever been left in the middle of an amazing game level because of an in-app purchase or perhaps you are sick and tired of those pop-up google ads on your mobile? In this article, I will show you the list of the top 5 best apps to get free in-app purchases on android.

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You can use the applications below to patch and hack paid android mobile applications and online games for free. The latest version of Lucky patcher can be used as an in-app purchase hack for iOS as well.

Some of the in-app purchase hacks for android require no rooting such as the latest versions of Cree hack and lucky patcher.

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Top 5 best apps to get free in-app purchases on android.

LuckyPatcher – most popular in-app purchase hack app

lucky patcher - app to get free in app purchases
image source : techlist

Lucky patcher is perhaps one of the top and best app for in-app purchase hacks. With this application, you can do all the shitty work from patching android games to hacking iOS apps.

The app is really a great deal when it comes to all types of in-app purchase hacks. In fact, I used it recently to get rid of all these google ads in one of my cool games, so you can use it too.

Besides removing google ads, you can use lucky patcher to get rid of Google License Verification in your android device. With that, there is no need to worry about Google updates and agreeing to license verification by Google.

You would be forgiven if you never thought that this application can help you create a modified apk file for your favorite android games. See you can change that game and create a new modified apk file from this application.

Back to the point, this android application will help you hack in-app purchases without rooting your mobile device. The app doesn’t stop there but will also help you download paid apps on the android play store for zero penny.

However one thing is true about this in-app purchase hack application, you cannot patch an online game or android app because doing so requires hacking a server which is next to impossible at the moment.

So far the app has got over 560 million downloads with at least a 4.8/5 rating, you can run this application on android 2.3+. check out more about lucky patcher from the website luckypatchers.com.

How to use Lucky Patcher

  • Install lucky patcher and open it
  • Minimize lucky patcher and keep it running in the background
  • Open the app in which purchases are to be made
  • Open the buying section of the application and click on the buy now an option (This should give you a prompt generated exclusively by lucky patcher)
  • Select to allow any permissions required

The above steps should be sufficient to allow you access to the features for free. Always ensure that Lucky Patcher is running in the background for this to work.

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CreeHack – patch in-app purchase games

creehack app - app to get free in app purchases

CreeHack is also one other way you can easily bypass in-app purchases without rooting an android device. The application allows you to do free in-app purchases in most of the android games and apps installed on your android phone.

So sad in-app purchase is the primary source of income for most of the game developers but this becomes more annoying when you’re stuck between game levels because of an in-app purchase. Lucky enough this is no more with CreeHack.

You should also know that creeHack is not available on the play store, so the best way to download the application is by following this website creeHack.

creehack in-app purchase hack app steps to install

These are some of the cool features I like about this application:-

Leo Play Card – free in-app purchases app

Leo playcard - app to get free in app purchases

This 1400 KB-sized android application is considered one of the most used in-app purchase patchers on the web. You can use the application to get an unlimited amount of free in-app purchases and game coins, lives, levels, and others.

The application allows you to bypass any payments that have to be done while purchasing the application. Leo PlayCard works on many applications which cannot be used by other applications like Leo PlayCard.

You also don’t need to root any mobile device to use it, the app runs on a couple of android devices. In simple terms, you can easily hack any android application with this application.

Leo playcard in app purchase hack without root

How to use Leo Play Card

  • Simply download and install the application on your device, but before that you need to enable install from “Unknown Sources” on your phone.
  • After download and install completion, you’ll need to open application and click enable to allow Leo Play Card run on your device.
  • So if you have any game or app to patch, open the google play store account and select the application. You can now go to it’s payment options and click PAY. Leo PlayCard will automatically patch the payment request and you can now enjoy.

If you’re also playing games and you run out of coins or lives, you can get help from Leo play card. Just open the Leo PlayCard app while playing the game. Then navigate to the menu and select the option you want. Boom, you can now enjoy your gaming experience.

Freedom apk – in-app purchase hack app

Freedom apk in-app purchase hack

Freedom is another cool in-app purchase hack application on this list. Unlike all the other applications we have just looked at, the Freedom app requires you to root any android device before using it. You can also read about other android apps for rooted phones.

If you haven’t rooted your android phone, you can also check out 4 things you need to know before rooting android device.

Freedom app can also be used to get coins and lives of popular games worldwide. The very good thing about this application is free coins of the most popular games in the world.

So basically this application bypasses the checking system of Google by using a Fake card to buy the premium features that you all are looking for in your games.

Freedom apk in-app puchase

So some of the most important features about this application include:-

  • Application works with popular games .
  • You can unlock all the game level which requires money.
  • It’s free to upgrade .
  • The App is free and it can be used to buy premium features of apps for free cost .

System requirements of Freedom in-app purchase hack app

Before using such a third-party application on your android device, you need to set up some system requirements below.

  • Make sure your phone is rooted .
  • Make sure to download Freedom latest version apk .
  • It might show you some error if your device is not properly rooted. However, if your smartphone is rooted then you don’t need to worry about the error. Just use it in a normal way.

Xmodgames – online game in-app purchase hack app

xmodgames hack apps

Lastly on my list is Xmodgames a game patcher. Xmodgames is one of those popular mobile game hacking software.

It is a very popular app that has more downloads than many other games themselves. The most popular games that xmod can hack are online games like clash of clans, clash royal, etc. It also provides its user with some premium versions of specific games.

The official version of the application is not available on the play store, you can download it from here. Fortunately or unfortunately the application is only available for rooted devices.

Besides hacking the in-app purchases of mobile applications, the app has got excellent user interfaces that allow the user to interact with their profiles anonymously.

If you’re a blogger or vlogger, you can use the application to screen record high definitions videos while playing games. This is really cool.

xmod apk hack games

Some Pros & Cons of this application.


  • You can easily improve your gaming efficiency by multiple folds using multiple mods provided by the app
  • You can record and demonstrate hack method while play games to others .
  • Mod for different games provide infinite possibilities to the app user


  • Fair play for everyone cannot be achieved when a user uses this app
  • It is an aggressive act if you have accepted the developers’ terms and conditions
  • Using this app can lead to ban of your account in few games.