How you can Become Eligible for Twitter Ads Revenue

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Twitter, a renowned social media platform, has opened up a new revenue stream for content creators through its Twitter Ads Revenue program. This program allows eligible users to earn money by monetizing their content and engaging with advertisers. If you’re looking to tap into this opportunity, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria and steps to become part of the Twitter Ads Revenue program.

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As per Twitter’s latest update, verified users now have the opportunity to partake in a revenue-sharing feature. This feature enables them to earn a portion of the revenue generated from organic impressions of ads that appear in replies to the content they share on the platform. Twitter has introduced this feature as a step towards facilitating individuals in directly earning income through their engagement on the platform.

Eligibility for Twitter Ads

In order to qualify for participation in the revenue-sharing program for creator ads, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. Subscription to Twitter Premium (Twitter Blue) or authentication as a Verified Organization is obligatory.
  2. A minimum of 15 million genuine impressions on your combined posts in the preceding 3 months is necessary.
  3. A follower count of no less than 500 is also required.

After fulfilling these prerequisites, it is important to have the subsequent elements in place:

  1. An active Stripe account is essential, as Twitter utilizes Stripe for processing payouts.
  2. Complying with tax regulations is crucial, as your tax identification will be mandatory for payout processing.


Users who meet the requirements can access and establish payment arrangements through the designated Monetization segment of the application. The process involves tapping into the app’s settings and locating the Monetization section. It’s essential to be aware that the option for payouts becomes operational once your earnings surpass $50 USD. It’s important to highlight that the opportunity for sharing ad-generated revenue will be accessible worldwide for creators utilizing Twitter.

Remember that payouts are not supported in some areas.

How you can Become Eligible for Twitter ADs