How Uganda Shall benefits from These Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses

How Uganda Shall benefits from These Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses
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Technology is Uganda is growing at a rate we can now refer to as bullet-speed. Several innovations, Tech hubs and software development houses have been setup around the capital, Kampala and many surrounding towns. It is exciting then to note more advancement in higher education to support Technology growth in Uganda such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses, Computer science and software engineering all together.

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With the latest being sort of breaking news, it was an announcement made by the Chancellor of Victoria University Dr Martin Jerome, on their 4th graduation ceremony at Speke Resort Munyonyo. The University is profound in faculties such as Business and Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Science and Technology

Victoria University is a chattered, privately owned entity run by Ruparelia Group and is certified by the National Council of Higher Education plus Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Council an indication it’s a trusted institute readily extending its services to Ugandan students with eligible qualifications to join any university around the country.

It’s a growing university and lately they entered a partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) to launch an Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport. Victoria University is the 2nd university besides UMI to run accredited programs from CILT, but is the first to run the Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

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Against the general growth of Technology and the widely expanding demand for improved Technological services around the Country, Victoria university as one has come to a decision of introducing a new course besides existing IT courses.

Dr Martin Jerome, the chancellor of such a growing institute of high education confirmed on Friday that the institute had already laid strategies on how they will facilitate the new course they are looking forward to unleash in the coming academic years.

Victoria University plans to install more infrastructure and hiring experts in artificial intelligence and robotics to provide the very best services for those who have the passion for Robot building in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses and ready to commit with the institution.

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It’s no doubt; there are lots of Ugandan students out there in top universities who desired a direct offer of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses but could not due to the unavailability of the course by the time they joined the university. Most are underling students in Computer science and Software engineering; therefore, this will be a great opportunity for the current S6 students looking forward to joining the University come next year.

The Institution together with the faculty of IT is working round the clock to bring in real training possibilities in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses, information security and computer forensics so as they can admit students in that field very soon.

No University in Uganda is currently offering the above-mentioned course, this therefore gives Victoria University and upper hand as the very first University to lecture and train students in such an advanced and influential course of IT.

How you benefit

This means that a student will be able to take on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence courses directly without having to first offer computer science or software engineering as the likes of Makerere University. This is so an improvement if effected very soon as claimed by Dr Martin Jerome.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a mere course unit in a semester at the profound Faculty of IT at Makerere University, giving limited knowledge concerning the course which limits students with a passion of continuing with the course for their future career.

The need for new innovations in Uganda in high, applications and new software is insufficient for the Uganda to be listed among stabilized technology based countries. The country needs to engage its right hand and develop its own technology rather than depending on already invented ones by the first world countries such as China.

Regarding the baseline of poverty, such new engaging courses are a piece of hope that the future in bright. Later on, we may see Robotics firms being setup, and starting its operation and employing the graduates of such innovative courses.