How to Zoom in using GoTV Remote

zoom in on go tv / Change aspect ratio
How to zoom in using Go TV / Change aspect ratio. Photo by Maria Hope
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Have you noticed that your GOTV screen appears in a cropped format or is hugely zoomed in? Well, if you have noticed it, then there are higher chances that you want to do something about it. Using your GOTV remote, you can adjust the aspect ratio of the image size on the screen just by pressing a single button. GOTV gives you two options for screen size, the Letterbox, and Cropped. The letterbox gives you a whole screen view in a box format and the upper and below parts will appear black. The Cropped version zooms in the images making certain parts cropped out. So, depending on your desires you can alternate through the options until you figure out your desired aspect ratio. This article shows you how to zoom in using a GOTV remote.

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  • Switch on your TV and make sure it is connected to a GOTV decoder.
  • Locate your remote.
  • Change to your preferred station on GOTV.
  • Then keep pressing the “PIC SIZE” button on your GOTV remote until you achieve the preferred results.
  • The Pic Size button enables you to zoom in and out to clear view Gotv images / pictures.