How to write with Autocorrect on Windows to correct typing errors

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This post talks about how to write with Autocorrect on Windows to correct typing errors.

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More typing errors are seen in the age group between 25 to 34 years old among desktops instead of mobile devices — smallbiztrends.

Gone are the days when we mostly used to write with pens and pieces of paper. Nowadays, there is a very fast shift towards using devices to type messages, documents, ideas, etc.

One problem with typing on devices is that one has to familiarize themselves with the keyboard. For some reason, letters of the alphabet are scattered all over. From A, you find S, you would be expecting B instead — that is for a QWERTY keyboard. The second problem is that you are bound to make typing errors. As you are typing, you might hit the wrong button, or not hit it at all thinking you have hit it.

How do you then overcome this problem? By using AutoCorrect! AutoCorrect works differently in different apps and on different devices. Read on to find out how to turn it on in Windows 10:

How to write with Autocorrect on Windows to correct typing errors --
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Turn on AutoCorrect in your Windows 10 Settings

Personally, I use this feature in addition to other apps like Grammarly. What I like about the feature is that it automatically corrects the word you are trying to type. Its only downside is that it does that to every word. So, in case the word you correctly type is not in the English dictionary, it will be autocorrected.

To turn on this Windows AutoCorrect feature:

a) Firstly, open the settings app on your PC. You can use the Win + I shortcut to quickly get there.

AutoCorrect Windows -

b) Secondly, type devices inside the search bar. Or just tap on devices from the options provided.

AutoCorrect Windows - - 1

c) Lastly, Look for typing below the listed options and click on it. Then on Spelling, toggle it to turn it on if it is off. Do the same for Highlight misspelled words.

AutoCorrect Windows - - 3

Now, whichever word you incorrectly type will be corrected by this Windows AutoCorrect feature.