How to withdraw MTN Mobile Money on the phone at the ATM

withdraw MTN Mobile Money
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MTN Uganda allows its customers to withdraw money from supported ATM machines around town. This article will share with you a brief step by step guide on how to withdraw MTN Mobile Money on the phone at the ATM machine.

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Just imagine you want to withdraw like UGX 200K from a mobile money agent and when you arrive they tell you they don’t have float of that magnitude, it gets a little bit ugly and you feel stressed to move to another agent a distance away. The good news is if you’re near an ATM machine, you can easily withdraw MTN mobile money on an ATM Machine.

The service is called cash-out at most banks which allows you to withdraw money without having an atm card. Some of the banks supported include:- Centenary bank and several other ATM Machines.

Step by step: Withdraw MTN Mobile Money from ATM Machine

These are steps you need to follow to withdraw MTN Mobile Money on the phone from an ATM Machine:-

  1. Wait or press any button for the MTN Mobile Money interface to appear on the screen
  2. Select MTN Mobile Money
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. Enter the TIN code which was sent to you on your phone
  6. Choose whether or not you require a receipt for your withdrawal, then press ‘OK’
  7. The machine will then dispense the cash and the receipt (if requested)
  8. You will also receive a message on your phone confirming the transaction.
  9. Congratulations, you have withdrawn MTN Mobile money from an ATM Machine


You can first do the withdraw process on your phone and visit any of the Interswitch supported ATMS

How to withdraw MTN Mobile Money from ATM Without card

  1. Dial *165#
  2. Select Option 7, ‘Withdraw Money
  3. Select Option 1, ‘From ATM’
  4. Generate a One Time Password
  5. Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN
  6. You will receive a cash TIN
  7. Find nearest Interswitch ATM and use the TIN to complete the cash-out

Note: The TIN code is only valid for 10 minutes


Note: This service works on ATM Machines that support MTN Mobile money. Keep your mobile money details safe to avoid fraud. Take note of your reference codes for transactions so that you can use them in case the withdraws don’t go through successfully.