How to use your Android phone as a TV remote.

How to use your Android phone as a TV remote. - UgTechMag.Com
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Remotes are like nail cutters or a good partner. On the day you need to use it can choose to disappear. Could be in the cushions of the couch, or one of the young ones hid it from the others. Worse still it can be lost or destroyed by the dog. Either way, whatever it is, what if I told you could use your smartphone as a substitute for your remote.

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How? You say. Here’s how.


IR blaster.

If this feature is available on your phone, download a TV remote app like MI remote or AnyMote Smart IR Remote. Now the joy with this is it can control your TV and any other device that uses an IR signal. These could be smart TVs, DVDs, and air conditioners.

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Manufacturer app.

Turns out manufacturers also know the pain that comes with having to find a remote that wishes not to be found. This is why many Smart TVs now have created mobile apps that work with the smart TVs they manufacture. For example, Samsung TVs are compatible with the Samsung TV remote app for mobile phones. All Chinese brands are also compatible with the MI remote app.

Streaming device apps.

Users with preferable streaming devices usually have apps that are compatible with these streaming devices that can be installed and used on their smartphones. They’re easy to use and all you have to do is to sync the app with your phone and access the streaming site’s movies and TV shows all on your phone.

Get the hardware.

For users whose phones don’t have an IR blaster or can’t access manufacturer’s third-party apps that turn their phones into remotes, they shouldn’t count their losses as yet. There is always a way with technology. Here the trick can be using apps or features on your phone that enable you to cast videos or any other content from your phone to your TV.

Bottom line is, that whatever problem you are facing, was most likely the problem faced by someone before you who came up with a solution. There is always another way or two when it comes to technology and all you have to do is find it.