Here’s how to Watch Netflix Together With Friends Online (using Teleparty)

Credit: Tech Advisor
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This is another guide on how you can stream Netflix at your convenience at home. In this guide, we shall see how to use Teleparty on Netflix. Everything just got easier and more fun with this channel. Teleparty, Also Known As Netflix Party is a new way to watch TV with your friends online. Teleparty has the capability of synchronizing video playback and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. Isn’t that just amazing?

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Teleparty can help you link up to your friends across the world since it connects over 20 million people at the moment. To tell you slightly about Teleparty, it is just a lightweight browser extension that you can add to your chrome and start watching TV remotely with friends.


Features of Netflix Teleparty

  • You can watch TV with your friends remotely
  • Offers a user-friendly user interface to set up a watch party
  • You can customize the extension
  • You can manage the control of the video.
  • Easy to create your streaming party

Setting up Teleparty

Teleparty requires you to have Chrome installed on your computer since it is just a chrome extension. However, if you have installed Firefox or Safari, you are also good to go. Another caution to take at this moment is that you will only access Teleparty on your computer. It will work neither on your phone nor on your TV. Follow the steps below to get started with Teleparty on Netflix.

Click here to download and install Teleparty extension for your chrome browser. It won’t take long to download since it is a lightweight extension.

Now that you have installed the extension, you may need to be sure of what exactly you want to watch since you may get lost out there in a series of Netflix TV shows if you are not sure of exactly what you want to watch.

Now sure that you know what you want to watch, click on the NP logo in the top right of your chrome browser and create a Teleparty account. Just press “start the party” to proceed.

Once you are in, you will receive a link on your screen that you can send out to all your friends that you want to join the party.

Each member who joins in shall appear in the box on the right-hand side of your screen. You can even chat with anyone who has joined the party via text in the chatroom.

Now, this is the Netflix party. You are now able to choose any Netflix TV show you are interested in and stream online with all your friends that have joined your party.

How to use Netflix Teleparty (brief steps)

Go to your Chrome browser and download the Netflix extension as shown below

When a popup displays, click on “Add extension

Now open the Netflix website and sign in with your authorized account credentials

Begin streaming with Teleparty by clicking on “start the party
Now, Netflix Party will generate a unique URL that you will share with your friends.