How to Use Hide My Email in iCloud+

Hide My Email iCloud+ -
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We use our email addresses for so many things these days. This makes it important to strive to apply privacy best practices whenever feasible. While some individuals have a backup email to use with people/organizations who may not be as careful with it, keeping multiple details may be difficult. Hide My Email on iOS 15 allows you to bypass this step by issuing you a randomly generated email address. These generated emails automatically forward all messages to your actual account. Isn’t that cool? Well, here’s a new way to utilize this feature in Apple’s Mail app.

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Hide My Email on iCloud+ is simple to set up, and is one of the many features available on iCloud+. Before using it, you have to activate it. Then, instead of entering your actual email address, you can use it in a few locations on your iPhone/iPad. Here’s how to do it below.

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How to use Hide My Email in the Mail app

If you have iCloud+, you may utilize Hide My Email in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad when writing a new message.

  • Launch Mail.
Hide My Email in the Mail app -
  • Press the Compose button. It appears to be a pencil in a square.
Hide My Email in the Mail app - - 1
  • Select the Cc/Bcc, From: field.
  • Select your email address.
Hide My Email in the Mail app - - 2
  • Select Hide My Email.
Hide My Email in the Mail app - - 4
  • Send your email as usual. When you enter a recipient’s email address in the To: field, the Mail app will produce a random forwarding email. When you’re finished, press the Send button.

The address generated by Hide My Email will then be preserved in your settings with the recipient as the label. If you contact that person or organization again in the future, simply hit Hide My Email again. By doing this, the system will pull in the previously used forwarding email.

Please keep in mind that Hide My Email’s random email generation is only available when there is a single recipient.

How to Deactivate/Turn-Off Hide My Email Forwarding

One excellent feature of utilizing Hide My Email with the Mail app is the ability to disable mail forwarding on a per-address basis.

As a result, if you no longer want a certain individual to be able to contact you, a firm is sending you too many emails, or a data breach has resulted in your randomly-generated email address being on some spammer’s list, you may remove that email address. This is how.

  • Go to Settings.
How to Deactivate Hide My Email Forwarding -
  • Click on your name and select iCloud.
  • Select Hide My Email.
  • Select the email address that was generated at random.
How to Deactivate/Turn-Off Hide My Email Forwarding - - 1
  • Select Hide My Email.
  • Select the randomly created email address you want to delete.
How to Deactivate/Turn-Off Hide My Email Forwarding - - 2

Messages sent to a Hide My Email account that has been deactivated will no longer be sent to your primary email address. You may not use Hide My Email very often, but it’s one of the finest iPhone privacy settings to have on hand when contacting someone new. It’s neatly integrated into the Mail app for iPhone and iPad. One of its benefits remains allowing you to better safeguard your personal information with just a few touches.