How to Use Android Digital Wellbeing App

Android Digital Wellbeing -
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Digital wellbeing is a new very useful but overlooked android feature that shows you how much time you spend using your android smartphone. It also shows you which apps you use frequently and how often you unlock your phone.

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The first time Digital Wellbeing was added to phones was in 2018. It debuted during the summer of that year and was initially limited to Pixel devices. However, it became a mandatory requirement for all android phones. By 2019, the feature spread to all mobile phones that were being manufactured or receiving system updates.

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What is Digital Wellbeing?

Android’s Digital Wellbeing is a special tool that gives you a daily view of how often you check your phone. The feature also shows you how frequently you use different apps. The best part is the fact that you can set daily app timers, and unplug at night with features like Bedtime mode. This is meant to help you have a balanced phone/real-life experience.

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How Does Android Digital Wellbeing Work?

When you open Digital Wellbeing, you can see which apps and websites you use most. With this knowledge, you can set daily limits. Immediately reach hit the limit, these apps and sites will pause and notifications will go quiet. Therefore you’ll spend only the time that you want, exactly where you want.

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Digital wellbeing screenshot

Importance of the Digital Wellbeing App

This feature that Google integrated into their Android system was invented to curb smartphone addiction. This came evident through the high levels of stress and depression which were getting out of hand.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the app to access this important data.

1. Open the settings app
2. Scroll until you find Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.
3. Click digital wellbeing and parental controls.
4. You can see the screen time at a glance

How to set screen time limits for apps

1. Launch settings and head over to digital wellbeing
2. Click dashboard
3. From the new screen, choose an app
4. Click the app timer and set the time in hours or minutes.
5. Click ok to save your time limit for that particular app.

How to set screen time for websites.

1. Open settings and head over to digital wellbeing
2. Go to the dashboard
3. Scroll to your favorite browser
4. Tap the show sites that you visit option
5. Tap show in popup
6. Select a website and set the hours and minutes to the limit.

How to use focus mode in digital wellbeing

This option helps you disable distractive apps when you’re busy.

1. Go to digital wellbeing settings
2. Click focus mode
3. Mark or check the apps that distract you quite often
4. You can now choose a schedule of when you want the apps to be inaccessible.

How to set bedtime in digital wellbeing app android.

1. Open digital wellbeing and parental control settings
2. Click bedtime mode
3. Choose based on a schedule.
4. Set the time and days as you prefer
5. Alternatively, you can choose bedtime to happen while it’s charging at a particular time.

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These are the main features of the Digital wellbeing function on android. It has a dozen of other functions that we couldn’t mention here because we have articles about them. Have you tried out the digital wellbeing app? What is your experience?