How to use Airtel MasterCard Uganda

Use Airtel MasterCard in Uganda -
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We show you how to use airtel MasterCard Uganda in this post. Airtel is the second most popular internet service provider in Uganda following MTN. In addition to internet services, it also provides loans to its customers through wewole, you can make calls, etc. Gone are the days when you had to have a debit/credit card from a bank to make online transactions. You can now make online transactions without opening up a bank account. This is through the use of Airtel MasterCard.

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Airtel Money Mastercard virtual payment solution allows all Airtel Money customers in the country, even those without a bank account, to make global e-commerce payments safely and securely.

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a) How to deposit money in Airtel MasterCard

The Airtel MasterCard is directly linked to the Airtel money account. Meaning whatever money is on your Airtel Money can be used on your MasterCard. In other words, to deposit money in airtel MasterCard. One has to deposit money into their Airtel Money account.

b) How to activate Airtel MasterCard

  • Firstly; Dial *185*7#l
  • Secondly; Select option #9 (AirtelMoney Mastercard)
  • Thirdly; Select option #1 (Get a Card)
  • Fourthly; Enter your AirtelMoney PIN to continue.
  • Lastly; You will receive an SMS with the Mastercard information. Follow the link to see the card details.
use airtel MasterCard
MasterCard | image source: pixabay

c) How to get Airtel MasterCard Uganda

You can get an Airtel MasterCard by following the above steps in section b.

d) How to withdraw money from Airtel MasterCard

Since the service is linked to airtel money, some procedures are familiar.

To withdraw money in Airtel MasterCard, withdraw the money using your airtel money account.

Dial *185#

Then choose the necessary steps to withdraw the money.

It is important to note that the airtel MasterCard after activation lasts a year before being renewed.

Additionally, a charge of UGX 1000 is charged per transaction.