How to Track a Phone Number Location in Uganda or Anywhere Else

Track a phone number location -
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We can surely say that phone tracking in Uganda or anywhere in the world is a tough spot to be in. It is extremely difficult to track a phone if you do not know how. Where do you begin? The first thing most people usually do is sob and share their experience of how they lost the phone in the first place. Here at UgTechMag, we understand you, and we are your shoulder to lean on, so let us help you track your lost phone number location.

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Sadly, whenever one loses their phone in a public place, most of the time it has been stolen. When you try calling it and you will at times hear, “The number you have called is currently switched off or is not available at the moment, please try again later!”. This implies the person who took it either switched your phone off or removed your sim card as they took it. So, what do you do when that happens?

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You could do the following:

  1. Go to police and report it stolen
  2. Pay experts to track it for you
  3. Track it yourself

This article gives you some ways to track your phone number by yourself. You will need a computer or another smartphone and an internet connection.

GEOfinder solution can pinpoint someone’s precise geolocation just by phone number while ensuring your complete anonymity. You don’t have to buy a pig in a poke anymore – grab your 48-hour trial offer for $1 and locate the target person in a few clicks only.

Track your phone number location using

track a phone number location
localize mobi’s Home Page is a website that you can access to track your phone’s location.

Look for the part where you are supposed to enter the number you want to geolocate. It is immediately below the words “Track any phone number location by its number.”

Change the country code from its default US to Uganda’s +256 before inputting your phone number that was in the phone you are trying to locate.

You will be prompted to sign up, create an account and pay a small 0.89 Euros trial fee for one-time use. Thereafter, then you can track your phone number’s location.

Two other ways to track your phone’s location:

1. The Phone IMEI

In case they have removed your sim cards, you could use your phone’s IMEI number to track it. Your phone’s IMEI number can be found on the box that came with the phone.

2. Google’s Find My Device

If you threw away the box, try using the find my device feature using your google account. It will show you your phone’s location using google maps.

For the general safety of your phone:

(a.) Make it a habit to avoid using your phone in very unsafe public places. Thieves are always looking for their next phone to take home. Do not let yours be next.

(b.) Be cautious while in the car or anywhere you use your phone.