How to Stop Anonymous users (or become one) in Google Docs

How to Be Anonymous in Google Docs
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If you’re working on a Google Docs document, your profile image will display in the top-right corner. This lets other users know who is editing the document while you are working. There are options to be an anonymous google docs user or even stop other anonymous users in a shared Google Doc. There are settings to allow this.

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When modifying a Google Docs document, you must generally be logged in to your Google account. This way, other users can see your profile photo. The only exception to this rule (of seeing your identity) is if the document is set up such that any user may access it and change it.

By the end of this guide, You should be able to edit a Google Doc anonymously and even stop other anonymous users in google docs (if you authored the document). Follow the instructions below. However, before we dive into the guide, check out this Google Docs Invoice template and Receipt.

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How to Edit a document anonymously in Google Docs

You must adjust the document sharing options in Google Docs to allow a user to modify a document anonymously. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide below.

To become anonymous in Google Docs, first, adjust your sharing settings. Google Docs restricts document access to the creator by default. You must modify this if you want others to be able to see or edit the document.

Open your Google Docs document to adjust your sharing options. Then, in the top-right corner, hit the Share button.

How to Edit a document anonymously in Google Docs -

At the bottom of the Share with people and groups window, choose the Change to anyone with a link option.

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When you save your changes, anonymous users will be able to see your work. Change Viewer to Editor in the drop-down box to allow people to alter the document anonymously.

How to Edit a document anonymously in Google Docs - - 2

Copy the sharing URL to your clipboard by clicking Copy Link. When you’re ready, click Done to save your changes.

Open an Incognito/private Browser Windows and paste the Google Docs sharing link into the address bar. This private browser window or tab will exist independently of your normal browsing experience. Because you will not be logged in, you should be able to access your document anonymously.

Your Google Docs document will open if the permissions are correct, but you will not be signed in. Depending on how you configured the sharing options, you can modify (or view) the document. In the top-right corner, instead of your personal profile information, you’ll be listed as an anonymous character (eg. anonymous animal).

How to Stop Anonymous Users in Google Docs -

Any modifications you make will be kept private.

How to Stop Anonymous Users in Google Docs

You may disguise your identity while making changes by customizing your Google Docs document to allow anonymous editing. However, if you created the document, you may not want to enable this.

Change your sharing settings to limit who may modify a document to stop it. Set it to read-only mode to allow anonymous people to see (but not alter) the document.

You may also enable invite-only mode. This restricts document access to individuals you invite using their Gmail account information. Users invited in this manner can only access or update the document when logged in and cannot do so anonymously.

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Finally, if you followed the instructions above properly, you should be able to edit in Google Docs anonymously. If you prefer Word format, simply download a copy to your PC and edit on your device.