How to set up chat features in Messages on your android phone

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Google has kept on improving its SMS messaging app over the years, with now new chat features in the Messages app. They introduced chat features in 2018 to improve the messaging experience.

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If you don’t have the Google messages app, you can download it here.

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What are chat features?

According to Google, chat features provide you with an upgraded, rich messaging experience.
With chat features enabled, you can see when someone is typing, read receipts, send messages over WIFI and data and send high-resolution images.

What are the qualifications to have chat features in Messages?

To access these features, you have to either be in supported regions or have a supported android device.

Steps to set up chat features

1. If your chat features are offered by Google for your carrier and device, the messages app will prompt you to agree to their terms.

2. Another method to turn on chat features manually is by going to settings.

3. Choose chat features

4. Follow the prompts to set it up.

5. Google says that your conversations will be kept secure and no third party will access them.

More information about the new chat features in Messages

  • The messages don’t cost money since they are sent over WIFI and data
  • The messages app will require exclusion from battery optimization to send messages in a real man.
  • You can’t send messages using WIFI to people who don’t have chat features.
  • Without features, you can still send your messages as SMS.
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This is the basic information about chat features on android. Did you find this article helpful? Please leave us your comment in the comments section.