How to send money abroad from Uganda

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Are you looking for ways to send money abroad from Uganda? There are various options available at your disposal.

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You can use;

  • Agents from Western Union and MoneyGram,
  • Banks,
  • Money Orders, and
  • Forex Companies.

Life is a journey. It takes us to different places. At times, those places might not be the same as our loved ones, relatives, and so on.

How do you send money abroad to those different countries from Uganda? Read on:


1. Using Agents: Western Union and MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram agents are prominent money transfer agents that can help you send your money from Uganda overseas.

You are probably familiar with them since they have been offering these services for many years. In addition, they remain among the trusted methods to send money at any time.

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2. Using banks

There are plenty of banks in Uganda that allow international money transfers. Therefore, you can walk to your bank anytime, and carry out a transaction.

What you need to do is to provide the recipient details, and the bank will wire money from Uganda overseas. Keep in mind that the transaction costs vary from bank to bank. So, check out some banks first.

3. Using money orders

Despite the fact that this service is subject to limits in many countries Uganda included, it remains one of the best services to transfer money.

Provided that you are not sending it urgently and it is not a large amount, money orders are the best option to use.

4. Using Foreign Exchange Companies

When you have large sums of money, you can consider using Forex companies. Foreign Exchange companies are safe and are usually the best especially when it comes to foreign exchange services.

Additionally, their fees are also lower compared to others, and they facilitate same-day transfers.


There are plenty of ways to send money abroad in this digital age. I am sure there may be some that you know that I have not included in this post.

Anyways, in this post are some alternatives to consider to use to send money abroad.