How to send mobile money for free on MTN

send mobile money for free MTN -
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This post shows how to send mobile money for free on MTN.

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Mobile Money payment typically concerns payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Rather than paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, you can use a mobile device to pay for a variety of services and digital or hard goods.

Mobile Money was introduced in Uganda back in 2009. It has grown at a very fast rate till today. Many countries are adopting cashless transactions, making mobile money a profitable business.

How to send mobile money for free in Uganda

A few years back, a mobile money tax was introduced. Most Ugandans were against it, so they rioted a bit. Eventually, we all gave in to being taxed. Sending and receiving money were taxed. Whether you are using an agent or your device itself. On MTN, Airtel, etc, the tax still applies.

But MTN has a way in which you can send mobile money without any taxes being levied. It is very possible. I have been using this method for a while now to vouch that it works 100%.

NOTE: This method only applies if you are an MTN user and are sending to another MTN user.

To send mobile money for free using MTN:

a) Firstly, launch the MTN MOMO app on your smartphone. If it’s not yet installed, download it from the play store or the app store.

b) Secondly, Enter your 5-digit PIN for your number. The number you’re using to send the money.

(It is important to note that you should never share your Mobile Money PIN with anyone)

c) Thirdly, a code will be sent to your messages inbox. Fill it in on the next screen that pops up. Some phones automatically capture the code and send you to the next screen instantly.

d) Fourthly, tap on the send at the bottom, on the left of MoMoPay. Then tap on send to Mobile user.

e) Then input the MTN number you would like to send money to, how much you would like to send, and a reason why you are sending the money. Tap on send at the bottom when done.

Endeavor to put an amount that is within the balance you have on your Mobile Money account to successfully complete the transaction.

f) Lastly, confirm the transfer. The names of the person you are sending to will appear. In case they are not of the person you intend to send to, cancel that transaction and restart the process.

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Credit: MTNUg Twitter

Notice at after charges, the Tax on Sending is UGX 0!

Also, confirm the amount you intend on sending is correct. Tap complete to finish the transaction.

That is it!