How to screenshot an Instagram story without getting caught

screenshot an Instagram story without getting caught -
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This post shows how to screenshot an Instagram story without getting caught.

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Instagram has 500+ million daily active users worldwide. This ranks it second behind Facebook for the social network with the highest daily logins –backlinko.

Instagram is a social media networking platform. It allows registered users to post images, videos, message one another, and so on. One of the features Instagram has is Instagram Stories.

You might want to take a screenshot of an Instagram story for viewing later, given that these stories disappear after 24 hours. Whichever reasons you might be having for taking these screenshots, you might not also want to get caught after taking them. Why? Because Instagram is testing a feature that notifies a user when someone has screenshot that user’s stories.

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Screenshot an Instagram story without getting caught:

With this new feature being tested, How do you take a screenshot of someone’s story without them being notified about it?

a) Firstly, using a screen recorder app

Install a screen recorder app on your phone or PC in case there is not one pre-installed on the device. Start recording what is happening on the device. And then open Instagram and go to the story you are interested in. Afterward, stop recording and simply edit the recording and get the story you were interested in.

b) Secondly, using Airplane Mode

This is the simplest way to anonymously screenshot an Instagram story. To do this:

  • 1. Launch the Instagram App (either Android or iOS).
  • 2. Then, open the Instagram story you would like to take a screenshot of.
  • 3. When it fully loads, turn on Airplane mode. Airplane mode turns off your mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • 4. Now open the Instagram story you want to take a screenshot of and use the usual method of taking a screenshot on your respective smartphone.
  • 5. Hold on a bit and then turn on airplane mode after taking the screenshot.

c) Lastly, using the Instagram app on the web

Taking screenshots of stories on the website will not get you caught. To take a screenshot on the desktop browser:

  • 1. Open the browser on your Desktop and open
  • 2. Enter your login credentials.
  • 3. Open the Instagram Stories from the top-right corner of the page.
  • 4. After reaching your desired story for which you want to take a screenshot of the Instagram story, just take the screenshot the same way you do to take any other screenshots.

Those are some of the ways to take screenshots of Instagram stories without getting caught.