How to reset your Mobile Money pin in Uganda

Have you forgotten Mobile money pin Uganda? Mobile Money pin reset guidelines by
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I believe the brain’s most important role is to forget. True, amongst the things it will forget are these most important; bank pin, phone lock pin, Facebook passwords, and Mobile Money pins. These are things we almost cannot do without. But in this case, we shall dwell more on what to do when you lose or forgot your Mobile Money pin.

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The first thing to seep into your mind once you lose your Mobile Money pin is how to actually reset it, so, here we explain Mobile money pin reset procedures for all sim cards in Uganda. Yes, it’s the same I’d think about first. Today, I’ll take you through the process of Mobile Money pin reset for Airtel, MTN, and Africell.

1. MTN Mobile Money pin reset

Reset mobile money pin MTN Uganda

The first thing I’d advise you to do after losing your Mobile Money pin is to contact the customer care advice line on 100. They will do you most of the things if not all. Below are the requirements you must have before contacting them.

  • Registration number of ID card used for MoMo registration
  • Name on the ID card
  • Date of birth
  • Last known amount withdrawn or deposited
  • Available funds in the wallet

Once you have all that, you can go on and dial 100, follow the prompt and talk to the MTN customer adviser line.

Visit MTN customer center

If that fails, it’s the high time you visited any MTN customer service center in your vicinity.


While going, be sure to carry your national ID used while registering your MTN SIM card. The MTN customer helper will however ask you a few questions such as your date of birth, last known transaction, and many more so as to clarify you were an active MTN Mobile Money user.

After that is done, an SMS shall be sent to your phone containing the instructions and steps to be followed as below,

  • Dial *170#. (Only works if you requested for a Pin reset)
  • Select “My Wallet” (OPTION 6)
  • Select “Change and reset PIN” (OPTION 5)
  • Select “Reset PIN” (OPTION 2)
  • Enter the new code to reset your PIN.

How to change Mobile Money PIN on MTN

  • Type *165#
  • Select option 8 (My Account)
  • Select option 5 (Change PIN)
  • Then input your current PIN and proceed with the new pin,
  • Confirm the change.

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2. Airtel Mobile Money pin reset

Airtel Uganda provides the easiest Mobile Money PIN reset procedure of the Three Telecom companies we are reviewing today. Airtel has options depending on the type of customer you are. I.e. Daily fully registered users and those that have taken time without using Mobile money

Using Alternative Number

  • In order to use this option, you must have registered an Alternative number before losing your PIN.
  • To register an Alternative number, press *185#
  • Select option 10 (My Account)
  • Select option 1 (My Pin)
  • Proceed to option 1 or 2 PIN reset
  • Check option 1 (Set Alternative number)
  • Enter your secret Word and enter the Alternative number

To reset your PIN using Alternative Number

  • Press *185#
  • Choose option 10
  • Select option 7
  • Check option 2 (Reset PIN using Alternative Number)
  • Enter your Alternative number where you will receive the new PIN.
  • You will use the temporary PIN received to reset your PIN

To reset your PIN using Secret Word

  • You need to first register a secret Word
  • Press *185#
  • Select My account on option 10
  • Choose Reset PIN on option 7
  • Select option 4 to register a Secret Word
  • Enter your Secret word

Resetting Airtel Money PIN

  • After you have your secret word
  • Dial *185#
  • Select My account on option 10
  • Choose Reset PIN on option 7
  • Proceed to option 5 to Reset PIN with Secret Word
  • Enter your secret Word to reset your pin permanently.

How to change Mobile Money PIN on Airtel

  • Press *185#
  • Select Option 10 (My Account)
  • Select Option 1 (My Pin)
  • Select option 2 (Change PIN)
  • Enter your old PIN followed by your new PIN
  • Confirm change and your PIN shall be changed permanently.

3. Africell Mobile Money pin reset

Africell, not like the first two, MTN and Airtel doesn’t offer remote Pin reset. It requires you to physically visit any Africell customer center for PIN reset, once you forget your old Mobile money PIN.

What you need to reset Africell Money pin

  • A National ID (citizens) refugee identification card, permit, passport (Foreigners)
  • The Default pin is always 0000, enter it once you are done so as to reset and set a new pin

How to change Mobile Money PIN on Africell

  • Press *144#
  • Select option 5 (My Account)
  • Select option 2 (Change Pin)
  • Enter your old PIN followed by your new PIN.
  • Confirm pin change.

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