How to reset a windows 10 PC

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This article provides a guide on how to reset a Windows 10 PC. For various reasons, you are frustrated with your windows 10 computer. This is probably because of malfunctioning of some of your programs, or maybe failure to uninstall a particular program.

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Well, windows provide various solutions to that, you could either do a system restore or reset your Windows 10 PC.

A system restore will revert your computer to a previous state in time. This involves uninstalling some of the software previously installed and also reverting system settings.

Resetting removes all installed programs from the computer and optionally removes the personal files if you choose to. In other words, the computer is returned to its factory state.

This potentially solves most of the malfunctions as it’s almost equivalent to a fresh windows installation. However, it should be the last resort because you can possibly lose important information and files.

The following steps clearly describe how to reset a Windows 10 PC

Step 1

Make sure the computer is plugged into a power source to avoid running out of battery.

Step 2

Open settings. Do this by locating the settings icon from the Start menu.

how to reset a windows 10 PC in settings

Step 3

Locate and open “Update & Security” from the settings home menu.

update and security settings on how to reset a windows 10 PC

Step 4

Open the Recovery tab from the left menu of the window

From there you will see the Reset this PC section and this the feature that does all the magic.

Click on Get started.

Get started on how to reset a windows 10 pc

Step 5

A dialogue will be displayed for you to choose whether to remove everything or to keep your files. The remove everything option removes everything including your files(equivalent to reinstalling windows), this takes more time compared to the other option. The Keep my files option removes only software and keeps personal files.

how to reset a windows 10 pc

After choosing, continue with the resetting process. After the system restart, resetting will then begin. Be patient while it completes.