How to replace your Birth Certificate Online in Kenya

Replace your Birth Certificate Online Kenya -
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A birth certificate is a document that shows which country you belong to. It shows the citizenship of the country you are from. If you are born in Kenya then it shows that you are Kenyan by birth. The same applies to other countries. In other words, a birth certificate shows your country of origin. If by any chance your birth certificate is lost it’s absolutely necessary that you replace it. The department that oversees issuing of birth certificates in Kenya is the Civil Registration department under UNHCR Kenya.

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Lack of a birth certificate in Kenya can prevent you from accessing important documents like your identification card, a passport, and a visa among others. The following are the steps to be followed on how to replace your birth certificate online.

NOTE: The online process is only applicable to an individual within the Nairobi region

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Step-By-Step: Replace your lost birth certificate online in Kenya

1. Go to the e-citizen portal kenya and create an account for those who don’t have one.

2. After you have logged in to your account, the select civil registration department

3. Select the birth certificate and then select apply for replacement

4. Fill in all the required details and upload all the necessary documents

5. Pay the required amount of fee through LIPA NA MPESA

6. Once the birth certificate is ready, you will be notified

Replace your Birth Certificate Online Kenya - - 1

Requirements needed:

The following documents are required to replace your birth certificate online in Kenya

1. A copy of the birth notification or the birth certificate

2. A copy of your identification card if you are an adult

3. A copy of your parents’ identification card