How to Remove Write Protection from SD card (Sandisk & Samsung)

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card
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There are times you want to transfer files or multimedia such as music, videos, and pictures from your computer to your phone, but you find it impossible because your SD card is write-protected. This means that you can only copy content from it rather than adding data. Today we shall see how to remove write protection from your SD card so that you can add data to it.

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SD cards are a great way, in which you can extend your phone’s storage resources. In fact today, there are a series of SD card sizes running from 0.5GB to 252GB of portable storage. This, however, becomes a problem when you divorcer you cannot store anything furthermore than what your SD card already carries.

Write restrictions are a way to protect an SD card or any Data storage medium from being used anyhow by anyone without the write rights. This is very vital when it comes to Data confidentiality and reservation of storage resources in commercial companies. This means that there is someone specific who holds responsibility for adding data to systems or storage mediums.

To remove write protection from SD card in this case, you will need a computer and be aware of the use of CMD as we shall see later on in this article as I take you through a step-by-step guide in how to remove Write restrictions from an SD card.

Steps to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

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Find an SD card reader.

If you are using micro or Mini SD card, you will need a card reader which will help you connect your SD card to your computer. All modern computers come with an SD card reader slot which is a thin long line on the sides of your laptop.

Insert your SD card in the card reader

Unlock the SD card reader switch by pushing the lock and positioning your SD card in the slot. Push it to slide in and lock the switch again before plugging it into your computer.

Open CMD

Now that your card reader is connected to your computer and the SD card has been detected, open your search bar by pressing the windows button and search for ‘CMD’ which will open immediately. It’s a black screen that holds most of the administrative rights on your computer.

Note: Make sure you are using the administrative account while attempting to remove Write restrictions from your SD card. This is because you will need administrative rights to open the disk partition tool, and this is only possible with your administrator’s account.

In the CMD, type diskpart and press enter. This is the disk partition command

Click yes to run the disk partition tool when a prompt shows up asking you if you would want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Another window resembling the CMD window will open up, this is the disk partition tool window.

Type list disk, this command shall list all available disks on your computer. You must be able to identify the SD card from all the listed disks since it’s what we are interested in. This can be done by identifying the number of megabytes your SD card has.

Note: The top disk shall always be your inbuilt computer hard drive. Never select it for this exercise.

After identifying your SD card from the list, select it using the select command. For example, select disk 2 and press enter. Any command you type again shall be applied to the selected disk.

Type attribute disk clear randomly to clear the selected disk space, and format the read-only attribute of the SD card. If the command is successful, a new line will be returned saying attribute cleared successfully.

Now the write restrictions that were previously tied to your SD card do no longer exist. You are free to add whatever content you want to your disk.

You can now remove your SD card and re-plug it in again, copy something to it and everything will be well. I hope this article was helpful to you, share the knowledge acquired with someone else or talk to us in the comments below if you found out another interesting way around it.

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