How to register your business for Airtel money pay & MTN MoMo pay

Airtel Mobile Pay and MTN MoMo Pay
Register your business for Airtel Mobile Pay and MTN MoMo Pay.
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Customers today can buy what they want, where they want, and how they want. It is, therefore, essential that businesses offer a comprehensive range of payment methods to ensure a frictionless experience.

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The biggest change in the payments industry is definitely the shift to cashless payment methods. Among these payments that have supported this cashless society is Airtel Money Pay and MTN MoMo Pay for businesses.

And, that is exactly our focus today. If local duuka Y does not want to lose a potential cashless market to supermarket U, then our duuka Y should have registered for these payment systems that accept invisible money into the business.

All our local duukas, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants among others are potential merchants. Buyers no longer carry hard cash; it is insecure and inconveniencing for the present and future times. That is why you should think about enabling your business to use these payment options. Here is how you can register your business for both Airtel and MTN MoMo pay.


Register your business for Airtel Money Pay

Before we go into the details of registration, you need to understand what Airtel Money Pay is!

What is Airtel Money Pay?

This is a new service that enables Airtel Money subscribers to pay for goods and services using Airtel Money instead of exchanging cash for such purchases. The service enables both parties to immediately confirm these proximity payments via text message (e-receipt) that is sent to both subscriber and seller of the goods/service.

Steps taken to become an Airtel Money Pay Merchant.

  1. You must be involved in any legitimate trade. Have an operating business for a starter.
  2. Fill in the merchant application form
  3. Provide the necessary documentation required of the entity/ individual.
  4. After a successful application, you will receive a Merchant Number and a Quick Response Code that is displayed on your outlet for buyers to Scan & Pay.
  5. You will also have to pay a small commission to Airtel to facilitate this payment model.

How Airtel Money Pay works?

When all the above is done and you are now are a merchant, here are the Clues;

  1. Using Airtel Money Pay is free for the customer.
  2. Guide your Airtel Money clients to use the *185*9# code to initiate payments. This will prompt them to input the merchant number/ ID, Amount, and eventually a PIN to complete payment. The subscriber can also put in the other transaction reference details like invoice number, purpose, etc.
  3. You (merchant) can also initiate a transaction on your SIM menu and, the subscriber/customer will only input their PIN to complete the payment process.
  4. The other way is the Scan To Pay Technology. Remember the QR code that you displayed on your shop/outlet, customers can now simply scan it using the My Airtel App to pay. Merchant details will be displayed on the subscriber’s app interface prompting the customer to input amounts and their Airtel Money PIN for payments.
  5. Airtel Money Pay can hold up to 300M on merchant Wallets with Airtel.

Are you wondering how you will access your money from these payments?

There are two ways;

  • Bank

You can push the money to the banks via their merchant mobile menu on your phone or place a standing order with Airtel to send money to the preferred bank.

  • Mobile Money Agent

Simply dial *185*2# on your merchant phone, Enter Amount, and PIN. The Agent will dial *185*3#, Select Merchant Dispersion, Enter Merchant, Secret Code, and PIN. You just got your money cashed out.

Register your business for MTN MoMo Pay

MoMo Pay for business is a service that enables merchants to receive payment for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money. With MoMo Pay, you can sell airtime and earn a commission, pay suppliers, pay salaries as well as transfer money to the bank.

If you’re a business owner and are willing to take a step in registering your business for MTN MoMo Pay merchant account, you should at least be among the categories below.

Some of these businesses include; Cinema halls ( which includes even local bibanda ) , Clinics & Hospitals, Boutiques & Clothing shops, Kiosks & Maduukas, Salon/Barbershop, Stationery shop, Auto-parts shop, Bars, Electronics shop/store, Hardware outlet, Market vendor, Pharmacy, Eateries (Takeaways, Ice cream par lours, bakeries, cafes, roadside chicken, Rolex stands), Supermarket, Transport (Boda-bodas, Matatu, Cab).

MTN Uganda charges Merchants differently based on the type of business they are operating. This means formal business charges may slightly differ from those of informal businesses. However, MTN MoMo Pay allows customers (who should be MoMo subscribers) to buy goods and services at no charge on top of payment amount.

To sign up your business for MTN MoMo Pay, you simply need to send an email to [email protected] with the following information and they will get in touch with you;

  1. Your name
  2. Name of your business
  3. Contact number
  4. Location

If emails are not your thing, call MTN on 122 and they will guide you through the process. After a successful application, dial  *165*3# to access the service. To confirm registration and view your merchant code, dial *165*3# and select option 8 to View ID.

In case you want to know how you can pay for goods and services using MTN MoMo Pay, click here


Charges incurred by merchants on Airtel and MTN MoMo Pay may go for 1 or 2% for every transaction. The requirements of registering your business for these secure, fast, and reliable payment options are not hard to meet. The only itch you will have to endure for now is the commission to these network operators. Otherwise, your experience is louder than our words. Are cashless payments working for you and to what extent? Let us know if it is worth it.