How To Reduce Mobile Screen Time

Reduce Mobile Screen Time -
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It is a healthy habit for yourself and your mental health to reduce mobile screen time. Here are some practical ways to do so.

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Smartphones have become a basic need, we work, we have fun, and even earn money with them. While that sounds like a good thing, we have become so addicted to these incredible little machines. This fact worsens with the evolution of the internet and the ever-insanely increasing speeds. The time we spend on our small screens is very overwhelming that it affects our productivity. For that reason, today, we bring you this article with 10 ways to reduce screen time that actually works.


How To Reduce Mobile Screen Time

Put your phone out of reach while in bed

Phone usage gets in the way of so many things, but it’s worse at night hours. The body needs quality sleep, but technology has made us ignore this fact. You need to put your phone out of proximity when you enter your bedroom such that you have quality sleep. Even if you aren’t scrolling through social media, that blue light exposure will mess with the quality of your sleep. Instead of using your phone to wake up, buy an alarm clock such that you actually wake up when it rings. When a phone wakes you up, you may just start browsing and have a stressed-out day.

Track screen time with digital wellbeing

Both Google and Apple integrated digital well-being into their software for a good reason. The app allows you to see how often you use the different nitty-gritty features, apps, and sites on your phone. For example, you may notice that you spend more time on Facebook and you will try to train yourself to spend less time on that app.

Move without your phone

Whenever it’s possible, you should leave your phone behind while you’re moving, especially during off-hours. Moments such as weekends and public holidays should be experienced physically and you can dive deeper by doing things like leaving your phone in the car while hiking or touring.

Uninstall some apps

Have you ever spent some time scrolling through the apps on your phone and understanding if they are benefitting you? Some apps simply take your time and probably leave you depressed or toxified. You should remove some time-wasting apps or apps that cause you not to do whatever you’re supposed to do n the real world.

Switch to grayscale

This feature is available for both Android and iOS. Grayscale is a colorless mode that modern phones automatically turn on during your habitual sleeping hours. In ios, it can be found in the display options while android has grayscale embedded in the digital wellbeing app. The magic here is the fact that our eyes find black-and-white images really boring, so we shall naturally sleep.

Meet colleagues and friends physically

Yes, we have Zoom and all those video-calling apps all over the place these days. However, by nature, humans respond better using their five senses. Meeting people physically on the other hand will ensure more detailed discussions and greater productivity, unlike virtual/video calls.

Read Books And Read Them Some More

The internet has an unbeatable amount of information, but that’s the problem with it. There is a lot of toxic, false, and amateur information infiltrating legitimate content. However, if you visit a library, you’re going to find cleverly selected books for you to read on every topic. Additionally, you don’t suffer eye strain and message distractions.

Take fewer pictures

It turns out that the people we try to capture moments for don’t really care if they were not present. Several studies have shown that picture-taking affects how we enjoy the moment. Taking photos makes you anticipate how people will comment about the party instead of enjoying the moment itself. For this reason, take fewer pictures such that you’re not anxious.

Find a hobby

Most people we see online actually have a boring lifestyle, so they keep posting their best moments from the past. To snap out of this illusion, you should go out to do what you actually love to do. This will save you the time wastage of staring at the light on the screen of your phone for hours.

Establish a tech-free zone

This involves spending time in places that don’t favor the use of smartphones for example the bathroom or a football pitch. This will ensure that you focus on what happens around you instead of looking out for vibration on your phone. 


Those have been our 10 tips for you to reduce the screen time you spend on your smartphone. We do hope that this article has helped you avert this toxic addiction and expect your comment just below here.