How to pay school fees to Bank using M-Pesa

pay school fees to Bank using M-Pesa -
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When paying school fees we can either decide to pay manually by going to the bank or online by using our phone in the comfort of our home. Paying school fees to the bank using M-Pesa is the easiest since you do not have to travel (hence no transport money is required). We are able to pay school fees to Bank using M-PESA. The following steps below are to be followed.

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Kenya has a lot of banking entities. Some of these banks include; Equity bank, Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Family Bank, National bank of Kenya, Kenya commercial bank, Sidian Bank, Standard chartered bank among many others. One of many ways we use these banks is to pay for school fees.

How to make an M-Pesa to Bank Transaction
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Step-by-Step: Pay school fees to Bank using M-Pesa

1. Using your phone go the M-PESA menu and on LIPA NA M-PESA

2. Then select pay bill

3. Enter the business no. or pay bill no. of your preferred bank i.e if prefer using Equity bank enter the business no. for equity bank and if you prefer using National bank the business or pay bill for National bank. Make sure you enter the business no.

4. Enter Account Number as school code followed by student registration number eg. 2524#AG001/00001/20 (2524 being the school code and AG001/00001/20 being the student registration number)

5. Enter the amount of fees you want to pay

6. Enter your M-PESA PIN

7. Confirm your transaction by clicking send

8. You will receive an SMS confirming that the transaction was successful

NOTE: One SMS will be from M-PESA confirming that the money has been sent to the bank you will be using.

The other SMS will be from the bank indicating that the money has been sent to the school as indicated in the school code