How to Pay HELB Via M-PESA

Pay HELB via M-Pesa -
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Are you looking for a way to Pay your HELB loan via M-Pesa? Follow along.

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Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is a corporation that provides loans to students. The students that are provided with HELB loans are mostly higher education students. These include students who are doing undergraduate and post-graduate studies. The main students who are provided with loans are those who most need assistance to pay tuition fees and other necessities. Entering college mostly comes with high demand in tuition fees and HELB is used to assist those who cannot meet the school’s requirements.

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HELB has assisted a lot of students to ensure that they have a smooth learning process while they are in school. A lot of students can attest that it is only through the help of HELB loans that they are able to come that far in their lives. Just like any other type of loan, students who have loans are required to pay them back. With the help of M-PESA, people can now pay back their loans by sending them via M-PESA.

Pay HELB Via M-PESA - - 1

How to Pay HELB Via M-PESA:

1. Go to your M-Pesa menu

2. Select lipa na M-Pesa

3. Choose pay bill

4. Enter the business number as 200800

5. Enter your account number as your National ID number

6. Enter the amount of money to wish to repay

7. Enter your M-Pesa PIN

8. Confirm your details and press OK

9. A confirmation message will be sent


It will take 2 working days for the transaction to reflect in your statement. Basically, that is how you pay HELB Via M-Pesa. We hope this has been helpful.