How to pay for Nira’s recommendation letter online (sim card replacement form)

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This post is on how to pay for Nira’s recommendation letter online (sim card replacement form).

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In Uganda, at least someone’s phone gets stolen daily. When this happens, assuming it is your phone that has been stolen, usually, the first thing that you should do is go to a nearby police station to report it stolen.

From the Police Station, you are then asked if you want your Sim Card to be replaced. Upon confirming that, you will be given a Police Letter.

Sim Card replacement simply means you get to continue using the same phone number with a new Sim Card. Your Network Service Provider disconnects the old Sim Card that was stolen with the phone upon notifying them.

How to Check NIRA Application Requirements on your Phone
How to get ‘confirmation of information’ letter Nira Uganda online to use after losing your National ID


Sim Card replacement requirements

  1. Valid National ID card
  2. Your physical presence
  3. Stamped Police Letter
  4. A fee (Varies depending on the Sim Card replacement location)
  5. Your right thumbprint

Sim Card replacement requirements when you lack a physical National ID card

  1. Nira’s recommendation letter
  2. Stamped Police Letter
  3. Your physical presence
  4. A fee (Varies depending on the Sim Card replacement location)

What is the importance of Nira’s recommendation letter?

When want to replace your Sim Card but do not have a physical National ID Card, you then use Nira’s recommendation letter.

The letter confirms your identity as a registered Ugandan Citizen. It can also be used to open up a bank account, register for university, etc.

How to get Nira’s recommendation letter

First, you have to apply to get it either at their offices or online.

Secondly, you pay a fee to get the letter either by using any bank, or online.

Then you pick it up from their offices after it has been made.

How to pay for Nira’s recommendation letter online

I have personally experienced what it’s like paying for Nira’s recommendation letter at a bank.

For starters, I did not know I had to pay for it. The Nira officer in charge directed me to pay for it at any bank. The nearest bank was very far from the Nira offices so it was an exhausting process overall.

If I had known then that the letter could be paid for online, I would not have gone through that hustle. Anyways, this is how you can pay for it online:

a) Firstly, go to the NIRA website (NIRA | National Identification & Registration Authority). On the homepage, just below the image, there are Key services. Click on Confirmation of information.

Nira's recommendation letter - Confirmation of Information NIRA -

b) Secondly, enter your National ID Number (NIN), and click Next to go to generate a “PRN” (Payment Reference Number). Fees for PRNs are UGX 1,000. Pay through mobile money and select the office you want to address the confirmation letter to.

Nira's recommendation letter -

c) Lastly, for SIM card Replacement, select the telecom company you want to renew its line. It could be MTN or Airtel, then choose the service center location and download a copy in PDF format. Afterward, print and carry this letter when visiting your nearest service center to have your SIM card replaced.