How to Obtain a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License Online in Kenya

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Are you looking for ways to Obtain a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License Online in Kenya? You are in the right place.

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NTSA was established in 2012 by an Act of Parliament with the main objective of restoring sanity in the Kenyan transport industry. The functions of NTSA includes registering and licensing motor vehicle. To add to it, implementing road safety strategies, creating policies to regulate the transport sectors, and inspecting vehicles. All of this is to ensure they are roadworthy.

The Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License is required by Kenyan drivers above 24 years of age to enable them to drive passengers, tour, and institution vehicles. PSV License is given to drivers and matatu conductors who meet the requirements put in place by the NTSA in order to obtain its objectives and promote the security of public service vehicle users.

PSV License Kenya Online -

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License Requirements

To obtain a PSV license you need to have the needed requirements which are:-

  1. A National Identity Card (ID).
  2. A driver applying for a PSV license in Kenya should be 24 years of age and above and have four years of experience in driving in Kenya or abroad.
  3. A Certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department of Kenya (DCI).
  4. Your passport-sized photo.

How to apply for the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License Kenya Online

  1. Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website.
  2. Fill in your First name and the ID Number and press search to continue, wait for the site to register your details.
PSV License Kenya - - 1
  1. You will be directed to a new window where you will be required to submit your phone number, and email and upload your passport-sized photo.
  2. Press “Create”, and account creation is successful.
  3. After registration now you can go ahead and log in to access the NSTA dashboard.
  4. Click on “License”
  5. Choose either a PSV Driver application, PSV Conductor Application, Institution Driver Application form, or Taxi Driver Application form depending on your application.
  6. Fill in the required details in the generated form. The details include the link to Sacco/Institution/Employer, Update License photo, Physical address, and driver’s license number. Attach and upload the certificate of Good Conduct and state your PSV license collection point.
  7. Click next to go to the payment section. Select the payment method and proceed to pay and pay Ksh. 625.
  8. After payment, confirm your payments by clicking on the confirm payment icon.
  9. Click submit after confirming payment and wait for review.
  10. If your application is approved, you can download and print your accredited form.

Take it to your PSV license collection point and pick your PSV license.