How to obtain a Building permit in Kenya

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In this blog, we break down for you a step-by-step guide on obtaining a building permit in Kenya.

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Construction or building permits are issued by the government to authorize the construction of a new building or renovate an existing building. By acquiring a construction or building permit, the government is permitting or allowing you to undertake construction at a given piece of land or site.

These permits are usually issued by government bodies and ministries. Obtaining a construction or building permit is a legal process required to be undertaken by all individuals planning construction projects. An individual is required to have a construction permit before starting any construction work. This article will guide you on how to obtain a building permit.

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Here’s How to obtain a building permit in Kenya

  1. Obtain a survey plan from a Kenyan surveyor or Kenya Survey Offices. By visiting the survey of Kenya offices in the ministry of land departments, one is able to obtain a survey plan. A title deed is required as proof of ownership of the land.
  2. Obtain a project report from an environmental expert – An environmental expert assesses the project and prepares a report.
  3. Obtain approval from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) on the environmental impact study. NEMA assesses all construction projects to evaluate the health risk factors.
  4. Submit architectural plans for approval – Architectural plans must be submitted to the local government for approval.
  5. Obtain approval of the structural plans – Structural plans must be submitted in order for them to be approved.
  6. Official stamps should be obtained on both the architectural and structural plans. Copies of the architectural and structural plans should be submitted to the county government for stamping.
  7. Registration of the project with the construction authority. During the registration of the project, a project registration form is required to be filled out to provide the necessary details of the project. A compliance certificate is then given to you.
  8. The Construction Authority will then visit the site. The construction authority visits the site to check for compliance with the approved plans and NEMA. After inspection, the applicant receives an invoice showing the amount to be paid.
  9. Submit payment receipt – Once the payment is done, a certificate of compliance is issued to the applicant.
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The cost of building permits varies from one local government to another. The cost also depends on the type and structure you wish to have. However, the average cost of a building permit is 240 USD per square meter.