How to maintain WhatsApp Chat privacy while online

How to maintain WhatsApp Chat privacy while online
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We cannot be sure of the people to whom we give our phones, sometimes they have another mind at the back of their minds, so they can use that chance to spy on you. This guide will excavate different ways you can keep your WhatsApp Chat privacy even when you hand out your phone to someone else.

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Sometimes these chats that we see as minor may contain lots of important information that may get us into shit once handed to someone else; they carry much of what we communicate every day documented into a series of texts that someone can read from A-Z. So for this reason, I had to sit down and come up with different ways you can keep your WhatsApp Chat private, and below are the steps.

Archiving Chats

By using the “Archive Chat” option to move a selected chat into a hidden folder within WhatsApp can be of great help while attempting to maintain your WhatsApp Chat privacy. This remains the easiest way you can hide a chat from the main WhatsApp interface so that not everyone can access it unless he/she knows that you archived a particular chat which is very difficult still.

This archived chat can be accessed later and can be restored to the standard Chats interface from the Archived Chats menu. Archived chats can be found at the bottom of the Chats screen, and users can unarchive chats in the same manner.

To archive a chat on Android

  • Tap and hold the chat you wish to hide
  • Select the Archive icon from the top bar.

To un-archive a chat on Android

  • Work your way down to the bottom of the Chat interface.
  • Tap and select Archived Chats at the bottom.
  • Now select and tap on the chat that you wish to un-archive.
  • Find the Un-archive on the top bar and tap on it.
  • You can now find the specific chat on the Chat interface.

To archive chats in iPhone

  • Access the Chat screen and swipe your finger over the chat that you want to archive. Do it in a right to left motion.
  • Now select Archive.
  • You also have the freedom to archive all chats simultaneously on your iPhone. Go to WhatsApp Settings and select Chats. Then tap on Archive All Chats.

To un-archive chats in iPhone

  • Access the Archived Chat interface. Choose a chat and slide your finger over it in a right to left motion.
  • Now select Un-archive.

Password locking

Using a password will block access to all chats in your WhatsApp main interface by simply prompting anyone who clicks to open WhatsApp on your home screen to enter a password before proceeding. If the user fails to guess your pin or pattern, then he/she won’t be able to look through your chats. This is the most secure method to maintain your WhatsApp Chat privacy.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Account
  • Proceed to Privacy and changing a single menu option

Fingerprint Lock

You can lock your android phone with a Fingerprint lock, this is how to do it:-

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Account
  • Proceed to Privacy and tap Fingerprint Lock
  • Enable Fingerprint and select different settings as you wish.

Two-step verification

Two-step verification is important to keep outside unwanted guests in your WhatsApp app. To enable two-step verification, follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Account
  • Select Two-step verification and enable features

Using GB WhatsApp to Hide WhatsApp Chat

GB WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that also lets you enjoy other cool features not available in the original app. The app is available completely for free and you can install it without the need to root your phone. It is safe and works perfectly out of the box.

You can download GB WhatsApp on your phone and get hold of multiple cool features. The features help you keep your chats safe and hide WhatsApp chats. You can see and hide status privacy and save them for later. The app comes with an in-built feature to hide WhatsApp chats and conversations. You can even hide other components such as last seen, second tick, and blue ticks. You are also able to hide the ‘typing a message’ status while entering your messages.

How to download and use GB WhatsApp

  • Download the application and Install it on your phone
  • You will have to enter and verify your number after the app is installed
  • Now you can start using the app after the verification.
  • You can use the app and choose chats to hide them from the main chat menu.