How to Connect Spotify to Google Maps & Enjoy Music while traveling

Link Spotify to Google maps -
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Spotify is an audio streaming and media services provider that was founded way back in 2006. It has built its reputation as the world’s largest music streaming service provider, with over 381 million monthly active users, including 172 million paying subscribers, so far as we know. Music streaming simply means listening to music or songs on the internet without first downloading them locally on your device, and Spotify enables that. For me personally, what makes Spotify stand out from its competitors is that it makes streaming music very easy. You do not even have to pay. Their free tier is such a good tactic that it has been luring very many users in. I mean, who does not like free things if they are of good quality. This article explains How to link Spotify to google maps.

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Spotify has teamed up with Google Maps to allow you to take charge of your journey and your listening all in one place. So you can get lost in the music, not the road! Linking Spotify to Google Maps only works For Mobile and tablets so far. Desktops could be added into the mix later on.

Note: You need both Spotify and Google Maps to be installed on your phone to link them.

  • Firstly; Open Google Maps. All the screenshots that follow were taken using an Android device. iOS users should take note of descriptive differences incase any arise in the steps. You might notice a difference in the theme colour.
    The Google Maps app I use is in Dark Mode, which explains the darkness. Yours could be in Light Mode, all works perfectly

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Google maps upon opening the app - Link Spotify to Google maps
Google Maps app after immediately being launched on Android
  • Secondly; Open the main menu in the top-right. There is a circular icon with an image if you uploaded one or a letter for your gmail account. Tapping on that circular icon opens up the main menu.
Open the main menu in the top right corner - Link Spotify to Google maps
Open the main menu in the top right corner
  • Thirdly; Select Settings. You will find it below the list.
Look for settings and select it - Link Spotify to Google maps
Look for “Settings“, second last at the bottom of the list, and select it
  • Fourthly; Choose Navigation settings.
Select Navigation Settings
Look for “Navigation Settings” and select it
  • Note that; For iPhone/iPad, select Music playback controls.
    For Android, select Show media playback controls. Toggle the button next to “Show media playback controls” to ativate it. When it is gray, it will turn blue to show it has been selected. Leave the button untouched if it is already blue.
  • Then; Select Spotify and accept the terms to connect your account.
select spotify
agree to the terms to link spotify to google maps
Agree to continue

Now you can find music controls at the bottom of your navigation map. Tap the Spotify logo to browse more music playing options.

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Open maps > settings > navigation settings > show media playback controls > remove spotify app from Google Maps

And just like that, you have (un)linked Spotify from Google maps.