How to Know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp blocking is not selective for a few. As much as you have the ability to block anyone on WhatsApp, you too can be blocked on WhatsApp.

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Everyone has their bad day, and it might be that day when a close friend, acquaintance or even personal person blocks you. It is not obvious to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. WhatsApp removed the pop-up block message, and now, there are certain tweaks and things you have to check so that you affirm your suspicions of being blocked.

How do you know if someone has blocked your WhatsApp number? Today we explain a few things you can check and prove whether you are blocked.

Here is a list of questions many people may ask about being blocked on WhatsApp, and in this blog, we attempt to answer them.

Can you see someone’s Last Seen if you are blocked?

Check their Last Seen to know if you’re Blocked

If you try to check someone’s last seen, there is a possibility that you are blocked by that number. This, however, is not a very concrete reason to base on, because WhatsApp allows for the Last Seen information.

This, however, is not a very concrete reason to base on, because WhatsApp allows for the Last Seen information.

Here are 2 different images, one showing the WhatsApp Last seen and the other not.

Can you see someone’s profile picture if blocked on WhatsApp?

Check their WhatsApp Profile Picture

If you are unable to see someone’s profile picture, it means that you are blocked.

The person might, however, might have removed their profile picture, so you must proof check with other explained questions in the blog.

Another case is when you are unable to see any changes made to someone’s profile picture for a while. The reason could be that they blocked you.

Can you send someone a message when you are blocked on WhatsApp?

Check if your Message Delivered or Not

Check if Blocked on WhatsApp - ugtechmag4

You can check if your message is delivered, WhatsApp ticks can help you verify this.

  •   – Single gray tick: Message has been sent.
  • ✓✓ – Two gray ticks: Symbolize that the message has been delivered to the recipient
  • ✓✓ – Two blue ticks: The recipient has seen and read your message.

In case your message only stops at a Single gray tick forever, you might have been blocked.

Can you make a WhatsApp call to someone who blocked you?

Try to make a WhatsApp call.

In case you try to make a WhatsApp call, and you are unable to reach the user, it means that they blocked you.

In case you block someone, you also will be unable to make a call to the person you blocked.

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Can you add someone to a WhatsApp group when you are blocked?

Try to add them to a WhatsApp group

Check if Blocked on WhatsApp - ugtechmag2

This is the last and most accurate way to check if someone blocked you.

When you try to add them to a new WhatsApp group, you won’t be able to allowed to.


Make sure to try out all these ways to check if your WhatsApp is blocked., and in case one works for you/you discover a new one, feel free to share with us about it.