How to keep your passwords safe – Best Password Manager Apps

keep your passwords safe -
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This post shows you how to keep your passwords safe.

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90% of users of on the internet are concerned about getting their passwords hacked. Secondly, 53% of people depend on their memory to manage passwords. Lastly, 51% of people use the same passwords for both work and personal accounts –dataprot.

Passwords are strings of characters that allow users to access a computer system or service. When your password is known by or can be guessed by untrusted people, it can be misused to cause harm. That is why it is important to keep your passwords safe.

Here are some ways to keep your passwords safe, with these password manager apps.


a) DashLane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager, keep your passwords safe -

It is important to note that Dashlane has never had a security breach in the 10 plus years they have been in business.

Its services are used by 20,000+ companies and 15+ million users who have given it 125,000+ 5-star reviews in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How does Dashlane work?

This password manager fills all your personal details, payments, and passwords wherever you need them, across the web, on any device.

You can save passwords and logins as you are browsing. Additionally, you get to store an unlimited number of passwords and access them anywhere.

For those who use multiple devices, you can sync your Dashlane data to every device automatically, whether it’s iOS or Android.

Another cool feature about dashlane is its autofill. You get to autofill the right username and password on every account, every time.

You can use it as a web extension, an Android app, or an iOS app.

b) LastPass Password Manager App

LastPass Password Manager, keep your passwords safe -

This password manager makes web browsing easy and secure.

How does LastPass work?

You can use the web extension, Android app, OR iOS app.

Whichever you use, create your account with one long, secure master password and let LastPass do the rest.

Then, you will have access to a password manager vault where you can add, view and manage items that you have saved to LastPass. No more forgetting passwords.

c) TrueKey Password Manager

TrueKey Best Password Manager app -

This password manager protects your passwords by scrambling them with AES-256, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available. It is only you who can decrypt and access your information.

How does truekey work?

In terms of usability, sign-in is simple; just type in your master password on the device you trust. In a situation where you are not on a Trusted Device (a friend’s phone, public computer), you will be verified by a second authentication factor for safety.

After signing in, you can then manage your passwords from there.

You can use truekey as a web extension, Android, or iOS app.

d) 1Password Password Manager App

1Password Password Manager app -

With this password manager, you might as well just forget your passwords, it remembers all of them for you.

How does 1password work?

Logins and private documents are securely stored in your password vault. The vault keeps your information locked away from thieves, hackers, and other unsavory types.

The password manager can record your usernames and passwords when you sign in to apps and websites. Its automatic form filler allows you to sign in to your online accounts with a single click, look, or touch.

Get it on Android, iOS, or its web extension.


You will notice that browsers like chrome and edge also store passwords and allow you to autofill your details whenever needed. There are times when they fail. There are two occasions in which my passwords were compromised. The first time, it was in edge, the second time, it was in chrome. No harm was done since I was alerted in real time, so I changed my passwords. It was exhausting!

In case you need a dedicated password manager to keep your passwords secure from breach, then the managers listed above will work for you.