How to Join Safeboda as a Rider in Uganda

How to join safeboda as a driver in Uganda
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SafeBoda is popular in Africa for its use of technology to enable connecting users to the famous 2-wheel rides (also known as Boda Bodas and Bajaj). The SafeBoda riders usually put on orange helmets with numbers on them and orange vests with their birth names on their backs for easy identification by people who are riding with them.

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The Startup has a growing consumer platform that is revolutionizing;

  • Transportation
  • Payments (innovating around cashless payments in Uganda), and
  • On-demand services in Africa‚Äôs cities (Package transportations and Online shopping).

Safeboda is based in Uganda & Nigeria, SafeBoda is already having a huge impact on millions in Boda Boda markets.

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How to join SafeBoda as a driver?

To be eligible to become a “Safe Boda”, You need to

Firstly; have been in the Boda riding industry for at least three years.
Secondly; you also need to belong to a stage.
Thirdly; you need a valid national ID. You also need to be willing to attend an interview to see if you are fit to join the SafeBoda community. Background checks going to be are done. The SafeBoda people are going to go to your stage and ask who exactly you are. Usually, they go and ask the stage chairman. Additionally, you have to pay some money for training, two helmets, a smartphone, and two vests.

SafeBoda Riders - How to Join Safeboda as a Rider in Uganda
Goodluck joining the SafeBoda Crew!

What is the SafeBoda story?

It all began when a Boda Boda rider called Ricky Rapa Thomson lost his very good friend in a motorcycle accident. Ricky Rapa Thomson had no relatives or close ones in Kampala when his dear friend died. You can imagine how sad he was feeling. Long story short, he and other founders decided Boda Boda riders should start carrying two helmets to prevent deaths from motorcycle accidents. Maybe his very good friend could have survived the motorcycle accident if he had a helmet on his head. All this was said by Ricky himself when Simon Rasmussen from the Observer talked to him. You might be wondering, if I am joining SafeBoda, I am going to be given two helmets for safety. Can’t I just buy myself helmets without joining SafeBoda? Well, here is why Safeboda has proved to be a community worth joining.

Why join Safeboda?

Well, adding to the nice orange-colored two helmets you will be receiving, there is more. The biggest reason any Boda Boda rider should be joining SafeBoda is because SafeBoda gets you, clients or customers. It helps connect you to people to transport to their destinations. How does SafeBoda do that? It does it through their SafeBoda app on smartphones that each rider gets upon joining. (You can download it on Google Play Store or Apple Store)

It seems nice enough. You are on your Boda Boda at the stage waiting. Your phone alerts you that someone close to you needs a ride. You call them or they call you to pick them up and get paid at the end of that trip. It goes on like this throughout the day.

It is also estimated that Safeboda drivers usually earn 30 percent more than regular Boda Bodas. Although the prices are fixed. This is due to the fact that it is faster for SafeBoda drivers to get new customers through the app. We hope this article has been really helpful, share the good news with your Boda guy.

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