How to install Chrome extensions for Microsoft Edge.

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Extensions as you may have an idea or two about what they are, are something extra adding functionality to the main thing. We can do without extensions, they may not be that crucial but that does not mean they should not exist altogether. Think of them as a means of customization improving the overall interactive experience.

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An extension is a piece of software that tailor makes the interactive experience while using the internet. It aids users in customizing functionality to suit people’s personal needs and preferences.

Extensions are majorly designed for the accomplishment of one main task. They can comprise various components and a domain of functionality, which is all in line with a shared goal.

Extensions can be gotten from the Chrome Web store. The new updated Microsoft edge supports extensions from chrome and other sources.

Microsoft moved on from its version of Microsoft Edge, and came up with a new browser, it has retained its name —Microsoft Edge. It’s based on Chromium, an open-source web engine developed by Google.

This latest edge browser shares similarities to Google’s Chrome, though Microsoft made sure to make it look and feel more like the legacy version of Microsoft Edge for less deviation. Among the reasons for this choice to take on the Chromium engine was to bring better compatibility for websites and extensions while reducing fragmentation for developers.

How to tell if Chromium edge is already installed

To check if you’re already using Chromium Edge, use these steps:

Search for Microsoft Edge and click the top result. A quick tip: Microsoft Edge Chromium has a new blue and green icon with a wave shape. So, if you see a blue icon with a white “e,” then you’re likely using the old version. The new icon is shown in the image below;

In case you don’t have the new edge Chromium browser, you can install it manually using these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge download website.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Double-click the file to launch the wizard and install Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Once you complete the steps, the new Edge browser will install replacing the legacy version.

After getting Ms edge browser, or if you already have it, here is how to install Chrome extensions.

In your Microsoft edge browser, what you have to do from here is to enable Google extension support. Simply go to Settings then select Extensions.

When you are done selecting Extensions, you will have to choose the “Allow extensions from other stores button” option below and select Allow to verify.

Then you will be prompted to verify your choice by clicking Allow on the window that pops up.

Once that is all done, you can go to the Google Chrome web store and install the extensions you need. Here is a link to the Chrome web Store: extensions

After you have located the extension you want to add to your edge browser, click on the blue rectangular button with the words Add to Chrome on the right-hand side of the extension name.

After this, you are all finished and your extensions will install automatically, the same way it would have happened if you were actually using Google Chrome.

Now, to find out whether the actions you have made have taken effect, go back to settings in your Microsoft Edge browser and choose Extensions. With this section, you will see a list of extensions that have been installed from either the Microsoft Store and chrome web store in the other sources section.


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