How to install and Manage New Fonts in Windows 10

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How to install and Manage New Fonts in Windows 10

According to a note from Microsoft’s official Website, posted in June this year, there is an important development in windows 10 that allows a developer to create a single app that can run on all windows devices. With this development along comes the Windows font. Here is how to install and Manage New Fonts in Windows computer.

The note continues to illustrate the available fonts for both desktops and servers. These also include all fonts that are available for the earlier releases. Most of these can be installed either automatically by Windows updates or manually by downloading font files. There are many new fonts that you may need to install as you will see in this article, but the question is: How do you install and Manage new fonts in windows 10?

Latest Fonts available for installation

All Windows personal computers come with more than 100 fonts as part of the default installation. However, you can add more third party fonts whenever you like. Below is a list containing one of the latest fonts selected that you can install today on your Windows 10 computer.

Keyboard shortcuts any computer user should know.

  1. Ambit

This is an eccentric and unique San serif font that has just been adapted for modern use. It has so far been used for branding and packaging, in both printed and online editorial.

  1. Helvetica Now.

The font was developed in April 2019 but it’s still an inspiration to many graphics designers. No doubt, its popularity has continued into this year. It resembles the Twenty First Century Font.

  1. Avenir Next Pro

This was an online bestseller a few months back. It’s a brilliant San family font that you can engage in all your forthcoming projects.

  1. Plantin

Plantin is an old style Serif with a wonderful texture that is ideally for book production and editorial work, and screen work as well.

  1. Futura PT

It consists of eight condensed styles, seven weights, with corresponding oblique. All these can be used in letterforms, metrics, and weights because they can work correspondingly well.

  1. United Sans

It’s a neogrotesk sans based on Jasper Morrison and Naoto’s ideas. It is mostly used in student’s projects and documentations.

  1. FF Meta

FF Meta is a humanist San serif typeface family and is ranked as one of those best fonts you must give a try this year.

  1. TT Norms Pro

This is the best selling modern sans with two variable fonts which gives it ridiculously unlimited possibilities in your projects.

How to install and Manage New Fonts

We’ve looked at some of the latest fonts that are available for you. Now is the time to learn how you can actually install and launch these in your projects. Below are the steps to follow.

First, you should open the Windows control panel and selected Appearance and personalization.

At the bottom of the Windows select Fonts

How to install and Manage New Fonts in Windows 10

A Font window will appear where you can install and manage your old and new fonts. To add a font, drag and drop the downloaded font file into the font window. To delete a font, select the font of interest>>>right click on it for the dialogue box to appear>>>click Delete.