How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free

Get Paid Android Apps For Free -
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In this article, we show you how and where to get paid android apps for free. There are a couple of instances when you are actually ready to buy that awesome app but technical flaws get in the way. But not just that, it gets worse because some paid app developers rarely respond to queries, unless it’s a powerful brand with excellent customer care.

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You can sit back there and hope they rectify their payment system, or you can follow this article to help you get that app you want even without payment.

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Websites to where to Get Paid Android Apps For Free

NOTE: These apps listed are for Android phone users.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes only.
Any damages that may result from following the instructions herein are not tied to UgTechMag.

1. Quick Google Search

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free -

You probably expected us to introduce you to the dark web or some annoying rocket science. Spoiler: this method is extremely easy; just follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Google search engine
  2. Type in the search space (app name) mod apk
  3. Choose the result that you see is secure and fits the query
  4. Navigate through the website until you find a download mod APK button.
  5. Click the download file
  6. Install it when prompted. (Some devices will require extra permission)

That’s it, go ahead and enjoy your favorite app for free.

Disadvantage: This method might involve try and error since some sites are just misleading.

2. Moddroid

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 1
Moddroid APK

Another method to get a paid app for free is by downloading an app known as Moddroid which you can download here.

When you finish downloading the installation file, you just click it for installation.

When you’re done installing Moddroid, open the app and you will be able to search for your favorite premium games and apps. The app will give you ratings for the different mods.

Disadvantage: Moddroid is designed like Play Store, but some apps and games are not available yet.

3. HappyMod

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 3

This is a platform available both as an app and a website. They proclaim themselves to have 100% working mods. And yes, when you give it a try, most apps available work.

HappyMod has existed for 10 years now and it’s considered a trustworthy source of modified apps.

To enjoy this powerful platform for free paid apps please visit their homepage.

4. ReXdl

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 5

99% of the time when you search for a modified version of an app, this platform will show up.

The site contains thousands of paid games and apps for free. It offers both the Google Play Store versions and the modified version. The website is always available for you to download your favorite premium apps.

5. Apkmody

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 6

Here is another site flooded with millions of premium apps for free.

If you’re looking for your favorite game or app, just visit APK modify here and get browsing.

6. Modyolo

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 7

This site is mainly full of the premium games you’re looking for like Dead Trigger, Smurfs Village and Art Of War.

If you can’t wait to check it out, please feel free Modyolo today.

7. Modded 1

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 9
Modded 1

This is one of the most beautiful premium app download sources. Modded 1 is properly organized with less ads and an Editor’s Choice section.

The site might have limited apps available but they actually work. Visit Modded 1 here.

8. APK Done

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 10
APK Done

Just like their name suggests, your favorite app is a done deal.

This site is one of the most popular sources of modified apps and it’s considered safe.

To try it out, visit APK Done today.

9. Tech Bigs

How To Get Paid Android Apps For Free - - 11
Tech Bigs

If you are looking for another popular home for premium apps, then Tech Bigs is your guy. When you visit it, you’ll be welcomed with several suggestions.

It often appears in Google search when you look up any mod APK. Find your favorite premium app on Tech Bigs today.

These have been our top picks for the most trustworthy ways to find a premium app for free.


These solutions will only work for apps that don’t use registration to determine if you’re premium.

Did we help you find an app you’re looking for? Please leave your answers below in the comments section.