How & Where to get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda

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In this post, we reveal how you can get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda.

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One needs a sim card to be able to access internet services on smartphones, SMS services, and calling services. Gone are the days when getting a sim card in Uganda was as simple as buying it. All you needed was to put it inside your phone and start using it immediately. It was as simple as that. But now, the process requires a few registration procedures which won’t be much of a bother anyway – as you will find out.

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get a simcard in uganda -
Image of Different sim cards on blue background | image source: ovationwireless

How do I get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda

Well, one thing to know is that everyone who gets a sim card has their details recorded into a database. What database you may ask? Mobile service providers are working with NIRA (National Identification Registration Authority) to collect and store information on whoever uses sim cards in Uganda.

Which kind of information is stored in the database? It includes your name, address, the phone number that is later issued to you, fingerprint, etc. Anyways, how do you then get a Sim card in Uganda?

First of all, getting a sim card is easy. All you have to do is to choose from one of the service providers that currently exist in Uganda:

a) MTN
b) Airtel
c) Lycamobile etc.

This means you have to go to an authorized agent or a service center to get a Sim card. Read this to find out where to find airtel shop outlets, MTN shop outlets, or Lycamobile outlets.

Secondly, you will be asked if you have a National ID. (Please, carry one with you before going, and it should be yours)

In case you do not have a National ID, you can use your passport (that is if you are a foreigner)

Thirdly, you will be given a form to fill and your fingerprint is taken to confirm your identity in the system.

Fourthly, your photo or picture will be taken and then you will be given a Sim card. That will be your Sim card to use from then onwards. You will be told to wait an hour or two before placing it into your phone.

That is how to get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda.