How to get a refund from the Google Playstore

How to get a refund from the Google Playstore - UgTechMag.Com
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Google Playstore is the one-stop for android users to get all their apps. It is what Appstore is to apple users. It’s not only apps on offer, you can also get music, movies, books, and TV programs. All these are usable on your devices running a Google Android operating system. While most of this content is available for free, there exist versions with in-app purchases or those that fully cost money from the start.  So what happens when the app you downloaded off the store isn’t what you thought it would be, working as it should or is not as good? That new mobile game everyone is talking about has turned out underwhelming to you??

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The first instinct would be to uninstall the app out of disappointment and frustration, right? But what if I told you not all is lost and you could get a refund on that app. Yes, you read that right. Like you can do with physical purchases, you can also get a refund for digital purchases from the app store. Google has a refund process within its playstore to help you just with that. 

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What to consider

Before getting a refund, however, there are some factors to consider. One is the app for which you seek a refund an original Google app or is it from third-party developers? also, you need to consider how much time has elapsed since that purchase.

How to get the refund.

To get that refund you so badly want, you have to act fast. You have to make that refund request within a two-hour timeframe after the purchase of the app. And it’s simple, open the Google Playstore on your device, straight to the app you recently purchased and tap the “Refund” button, followed by “Yes” to proceed with the request. And just like that, you shall be able to get an automatic refund on your purchase with your initial payment method.

What happens when the two-hour window elapses?

If you missed the two-hour window to uninstall the app and qualify for an automatic refund, do not panic. Why? Because you can still get your money back – provided your 48-hour refund window has not yet closed.

According to Google refund policies, one can get a refund for most purchases if they honor the 48-hour rule. That is if it’s still 48 hours since you bought the app. You can request your money back through Google play.

For this method, open your Google play account in your browser, select your order history, locate the item you recently purchased and choose the “Request a Refund” option. Fill out the form availed indicating that ‘you’d like a refund’ in the textbox and submit. You will thereafter receive an email with the decision about your refund.

How to get a refund from the Google Playstore - UgTechMag.Com
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For apps made by a third party, you may be required to contact the developer directly. The developer then determines whether you qualify for that refund according to their policies and other legal requirements. All you have to do is reach out through the contact support of the app developer (usually provided by the developer in the play store) and direct to them your request for a refund on the app. Wait for an email about your refund.

Things to note when requesting a refund.

Refund policies can vary depending on the app/purchase you made. In addition, the decision on your refund can take up to a maximum of 48 hours and one should bear in mind that refunds after the two-hour window are not guaranteed.

No refunds are issued for accounts not protected with authentication.

If a refund is made to an app and one proceeds to repurchase that very item thereafter or at a later date, they forfeit their rights to a refund.