How to Fix Slow Page loading issue in Google Chrome

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It is common to experience slow Page loading in chrome, but how do you Fix Slow Page loading. You are searching for an important topic on the internet. Boom!! The page takes forever to load. We have recently tackled down several issues in Chrome; the reCAPTCHA problem being one of them. Today, I’ll take you through quick and brief steps to Fix Slow Page loading issues in Google Chrome.

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Why is Fix Slow Page loading a common issue?

Browser Problem

There are many issues that can lag behind Chrome page loading speeds as we are going to see. But before you accuse Chrome of slow page loading issues, take a step to find out if these pages load faster in other browsers before attempting to solve this. Otherwise, you may be solving something related to the website itself. If they load with ease, yeah, it’s Chrome. Update Chrome for this problem to be fixed.

Internet Connection issues

Fix Slow Page loading

Try loading a variety of different sites to find out if they work properly. The problem may as well come from your connection. Either your computer isn’t connected to the internet or the connection is still weak to lad the pages.

However, when you verify that you have a stable internet connection. The pages should be working as required. Outside that, it’s not an internet connection issue.

Faulty Extensions and add-ons

Too many add-ons and Extensions running on top of your Chrome browser may contribute enough to this problem. These affect your browser functionality, therefore must be eliminated. To check for the Extensions currently available on your Chrome, do this.

  • Select tools in your Chrome browser
  • Click on Extension, to display all available extensions.

All extensions in your list must be reviewed carefully before you spare them. Otherwise, they may be responsible for the slow page loading issue in Chrome.

Third-Party software

Sometimes Anti-virus software and firewall may be the reason for slow page loading problems. In the name of protecting your computer from malicious attacks, these may prevent you from accessing genuine pages. You must check and adjust on your security settings to correct this up.

How to Fix Slow Page loading in chrome

Try clearing out the cache and cookies.

Browsers spend the rest of their lives collecting cache and cookies for websites you’ve ever visited in the past. However much this data is temporarily stored, it can be a load on Chrome.

If you are an internet person, your Chrome activities automatically will be many, thus accumulating lots of cache which takes up more space. Clearing Cache and cookies will relieve Chrome of the load, thus, improving page loading speeds.

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Update Chrome.

Slow Page loading issues are partially related to the outdated versions of Chrome. This is a quick solution. Uninstall Chrome and install the latest version of Chrome. This should solve the issue right away and your page speed should improve.

Uninstall Chrome also helps you to reset all Chrome settings, clears away all broken registry, corrupted Chrome files, and applies the latest compatibility that will fix all bugs related to these issues.

Clear browser history

  • To this, launch Chrome
  • Go to settings in your Chrome browser
  • Select Clear browser data

Alternatively, type this in the URL bar: chrome/settings/clearrowserData

Use the Chrome cleanup tool in windows.

This will help you to scan and clean up all malware or spyware causing this problem of slow page loading in Chrome. However, this tool is only available for windows 7, 8, and 10. It’s free for everyone and downloadable.